Doctors in Denmark want to end circumcision for children: Should this decision be taken out of the hands of parents?

  • Yes, I think it's time to end this practice.

    Yes, despite religious traditions, I feel it's time to end the practice of circumcision. There are no health benefits to this practice. In addition, it brings unnecessary pain and trauma to infants. Because there are no health benefits and the practice is purely cultural, and because it's painful for the babies, it shouldn't be done anymore.

  • I think parents should still have some say in circumcisions.

    Some circumcisions are performed under religious practice and customs, however there have been medical benefits from it as well. Ultimately it has been the choice of the parents whether to circumcise. I think if it is a religious belief the parents should decide and also they should decide if they feel it is of medical benefit.

  • It is a preference.

    Circumcision is as old as human history. In many ancient texts there are discussions of the practice. It continues today. People are allowed to abort babies but they're not allowed to continue a religious practice? People should allow people to live and let live, rather than trying to control everyone else.

  • No, Circumcision is a family decision

    Circumcision is not only a medical decision. It is also a religious ceremony. A government should not be able to regulate the performance of religious ceremonies for it is a slippery slope. If they choose to regulate the circumcision in terms of certifying who can perform them and where they can be performed in order for them to be safer that is fine. But to end all circumcisions is wrong.

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