Doctors, Pharmacists Indicted In $100M Fraud Case . Are They Ripping Off The Military?

  • I think many doctors and pharmacists are ripping of the military and the general public

    Drug costs are outrageous and still doctors and pharmacists are capitalizing on high costs that are charged to the average citizen as well as military personnel. When drugs are made under the practices of capitalism then competition should help to keep costs down but this is not happening. There must be some form of restructuring.

  • Another case of the government getting ripped off

    It must be nice to have so much money lying about that a mission $100M or so doesn't even get noticed. This is the obvious and predictable result of handing over so much power and influence to the government. People see an opportunity to rip off the taxpayers, and they jump all over it. Hard to stop when there's so much incentive to scam the system.

  • It is too easy.

    Yes, doctors and pharmacists are ripping off the military, because they see it as an easy way to make a quick buck. These people know what they need to say in order to bill the military for medical bills. Of course, soldiers and veterans may not actually need these specific treatments.

  • Innocent until proven guilty

    While I do not know the details, and acknowledge that these doctors and pharmacists may be guilty, I believe that we must allow them to remain innocent until they are proven otherwise. The military is 'no angel' and until this is argued in court, we cannot know why these doctors felt these actions were necessary, if indeed, they did take these actions.

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