• Don't tread on my katana! You might damage the hamon line...

    Arms is kind of a vague term, and probably was intended to be. Firearms, swords, knives, actual bear arms?! (would that be counted as a cutting weapon or blunt object?)... Who can really say what was intended?

    Most sword owners have them in the capacity as collectibles. Even functional ones tend to stay on the wall nearly all the time, except to be cleaned and told how pretty they are. Now if only gun owners would be so responsible...

    Of murder victims in the US, guns have stayed in the mid 60 to lower 70% for a few decades. If we still allow guns to be sold, the much more benign sword should be left alone. Besides, who will attack someone with a sword with all these guns everywhere?!

  • Right to bear arms, not just firearms

    The US Second Amendment states that we have the right to bear arms, not just firearms. However, if you walk down the street with a sheathed sword - even in open carry states - the police will come after you. How is my right to carry a non-fire-arm not allowed, but the neighbor can walk down the street with an AK-47 strapped to his back or a guy walking into Walmart with an oozie? I call foul. My sword is sheathed and I am not brandishing it vanquishing dragons. We need an NSA (National Sword Association, not the National Security Agency). The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a bad@ss ninja with a katana.

  • Of course it covers swords

    Swords are a form of arms, therefore it is covered in the right to bear arms.The right to bear arms also covers the jawbone of an ass,which according to the bible is what Samson used to kill whole bunch of people.It would also cover slingshots, bow and arrows, spears,bats,and just about any other ind of weopon.I don't think it covers nuclear bombs though.

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