Does 9gag promote a dangerously simplified interpretation of society?

Asked by: schachdame
  • Teaches people to hate

    I've been using 9gag for a few years now and have noticed a massive decline in "manners" when people speak to each other. There is a lot of swearing and secure remarks. Youths grow up thinking it's now OK to tell people to "go f**** yourself" or " I f**** your mother last night". There is NO consequences for their actions. I wish parents could see what their children are saying to others :(

  • Yes, I agree

    Adults find the stereotyping comical due to their incorrectness, but I feel like the site targets, and is accessed by many kids through facebook and other social media. These kids will learn about our society through these simplified, racist, sexist stereotypes, but ultimately only time will tell if the site has a negative impact on the next generation.

  • People start to belief it's that easy

    Considering the fact, that 9gag is a mesh-up of different cultural backgrounds the stereotypical statements about Feminism, Racism and "gender-gaps" imply to the already often socially depressed audience that the world is actually as simple as Memes outline. Now a small indicator will get you forced into a certain stereotype that you seem to match vaguely. 9gag represents therefore one of these sites, were "being different" is celebrated by creating a box for every possible type of "different". They are norming the society in an absurd and enforcing way that is as unhealthy as any sort of generalization of human behavior.

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