Does a baby's birth date mark the beginning of human life?

  • I agree with tomveil

    Fetus's arnt that important. Yes abortion doctors say its alive in the womb, but i dont count it for life until its out of the vagina. Thats when the human rights come in. But when its in the women and still an option to be aborted, it doesnt have rights.

  • Maybe not technically, but yes for ease.

    Babies may be "alive" before they are born, but it is correct so say that the birth marks the beginning of human life. Nobody says the date that they were conceived, only when they are born. For legal reasons, I would agree babies are "alive" before they are born, but as a practical rule, life begins at birth.

  • No, a babies life begins in utero after conception when the egg begins to divide.

    Once the egg and sperm combine and divide they create DNA unique to a human being. This is signified as life. It is agreed even by abortion doctors that unborn fetus is still a baby. A baby represents life but it is what the mother chooses to do with that life that remains the subject of debates.

  • Birth Date is only when he is out of the womb

    I do not believe the birth date is the beginning of life. In order to quantify a being as "alive", it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be entirely on it's own as a separate entity from it's birth parent. A human fetus has a heartbeat, organs, and a brain before it is actually born, right? Why then is it not considered alive at that point?

  • Babies Are Alive Before They Are Born

    No one knows when life truly begins, but that is only because, despite what the popular media and society at large wants the unwashed masses to believe, there is no true definition of 'life.' Who is to say life only begins when there is consciousness? Do trees not have life? We have no right to make this decision, because we simply do not KNOW when life begins.

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