Does a completely free press help (yes) or hurt (no) a country?

  • Far More Helpful

    I believe a completely free press does help a country. I believe this is one of the problems in America at this point. We no longer have the free press we once had and the government hides more and more information. When this happens it leaves the common people out of important decisions.

  • Yes, a free press helps society.

    I think that a free press helps society and a country. I think that the idea of a free press is something that our forefathers believe in when the United States of America was created. I think it is important that the media is allowed to operate with freedom as long as it is lawful.

  • We know what's going on.

    Yes, a completely free press helps a country, because we do not have to trust that the government is telling us the truth. With a completely free press, we are able to look at each other and decide for ourselves what to do, based on real, accurate information about our world.

  • No, a completely free press hurts our country.

    No, a completely free press hurts our country, because there is no limit. Everyone in the press works things about what they can dig up and release for readers and to get better ratings. Unfortunately, they take this liberty to far and release things that damage or hurt both people and the countries as a whole.

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