Does a fetus belong to both parents when it is in the womb?

  • Yes, the fetus belongs to both parents when it is in the womb.

    I know a lot of people believe it is the woman's body, and it is, BUT, when a child is conceived, it ceases being just the mother's body. The fetus comes from an egg (the mother) and a sperm (the father). At that time, a father should have just as much rights as the mother. I don't think she should have to sole rights to the baby.

  • Yes, it does

    Yes, I would have to agree that a fetus belongs to both parents when it is still in the womb. A woman cannot create a baby all on her own. We are made from both of our parents. Half of our genes are from our mother. And the other half from our father. Who is not to say that the fetus only has a mother when it is in the womb?

  • Yes of course.

    It's a baby. A child. Anyone's point of "capable of surviving on its own" is crazy. Old people and young children that are born cant survive on there own so can we kill them? So if you answer is no then were is your point? You were once there. Yep.

  • This is a bad choice of words.

    A fetus is not property. It doesn't really "belong" to anyone. Similarly, it is not yet a "person" until after viability- the point at which it is capable of surviving on its own. Before that it does not have the ability to feel pain nor is it even sentient or conscious.

    There is too much potential for a slippery slope here. As much as I agree that it takes two people to conceive, the entire onus of reproduction is on the woman. To state that a man should have "equal rights" to the fetus is too easy an avenue to turn a woman into an incubator against her will- to basically state her body is not her own.

    Until we come up with technology to grow a fetus completely outside a womb or in a man- the woman's rights are still paramount.

  • Perhaps not 'belong'.

    It is not an object that can be given or shared. Until it develops into a baby and it is born, the woman is responsible for the foetus entirely for the time that it exists inside her. Due to this, it is then her choice to abort or not since it is her body.

  • No a fetus does not "belong" to both parents in the womb?

    First and foremost a fetus is not the property of anyone, mother or father! The issue of who has control of a woman's body is the central point of who can (and should) make medical decisions that affect the fetus. No one would be able to make medical decsions for a woman about her body, this includes the carrying of fetus to full term.

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