• YES it is as alive as you and me.

    How alive is a baby when it is born, it is alive. How alive is the baby a day before it is born--just as alive as it is the day it was born. How alive is the baby when it is two days from being born--just as alive and this goes all the way back to the day it was conceived. That show it is as living as you and me and it has the same rights.

    Also, why is it when a murderer kills a women that is pregnant, the murderer gets charge for two people. If the murderer gets charge for killing two people, when he kills a pregnant women, then why doesn't a person who gets an abortion get charge for murder? When some when can answer that tell me.

  • A fetus is a human being

    Just because something hasn't been born yet does not mean it's not a human being. Fetuses are simply developing humans. In fact, my personal definition of "human being": any person who has already been conceived. And there is always the debate over what might have happened if some of the world's greatest changers, such as Einstein and Newton, had not been allowed to be born.

  • If only your Mom had felt the same way!

    Life begins at conception. If killing a baby at birth is murder, so is ending it's life weeks or months earlier. Even in cases of rape or abuse, stopping a forming life is murder. The best statement that I have for proponents of abortion is to tell them that I wish their mother had felt the same way about them before they were born. That usually shuts them up!

  • Fetuses are humans.

    Go to baby center and research the development of a fetus. They can recognize their moms voice by 14 weeks and they can feel pain by 18 weeks. Even before that they practice breathing and suck their thumbs. They even make little Faisal expressions. Fetuses are humans and there for they deserve human rights. The most important human right is the right to life. This right should not be taken away because some irresponsible women slept with her boss or they guy she just met and has decided she wants to keep partying rather than have a baby.

  • It's a human!

    A fetus is a human everyone, let's get this straight. It may be tiny and undeveloped, but it's alive! If it's not a human, what is it then? Nobody has answered this. If you take away a fetus's life, you are taking away the future of somebody who would have rights just like you and me. They are alive, therefore should have human rights.

  • Human rights - human foetus

    Human rights, by definition, are extended to all human beings. A foetus is a human being because 1) it is alive 2) it is human and 3) it is an individual organism.
    1 is justified because a foetus produces negative entropy.
    2 is justified because it has human DNA
    3 is justified because it has the form of an individual human being, albeit less developed.

  • Yes, according to the law in most countries

    Some laws seek to protect or otherwise recognize the fetus. Some of these grant recognition under specific conditions: the fetus can legally be a victim of a crime such as feticide, a beneficiary of insurance or social assistance, or an inheritor of property.

    The American Convention on Human Rights is a treaty signed by 24 Latin American countries in 1969, which states that from the moment of conception, human beings have rights. It came into force in 1978.

    The Unborn Victims of Violence Act is a United States law introduced into Congress in 1999 which defines violent assault committed against pregnant women as being a crime against two victims: the woman and the fetus she carries.[1] This law was passed in 2004 after the murder of Laci Peterson and the fetus she was carrying.

    In 2002, U.S. President George W. Bush announced a plan to ensure health care coverage for fetuses under the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).[2]

  • It's an undeveloped human being

    It's an undeveloped human being so it's still a human just undeveloped and all humans developed or not deserve humans rights. After all it will develop one day and might and up doing something great for the whole world or it could just end up a sad poor human being.

  • 'Tis a human just like the rest of us.

    It's proximity to the woman's body is irrelevant, Because she put it there. Women's rights are important, But they must face the consequences of their actions. You cannot kill someone for being inside you if you put them there. Seems simple enough to me. In addition, A fetus is the only "part of the body" that grows up and can leave your body and survive and repeat the cycle.

  • People cannot kill animals, But they can kill people. How backwards it that?

    You can go to jail for killing a cat. A cat has no soul, It is not human. How is it that you can't kill a cat, But you can kill a human. Abortion goes against one of gods ten commandments. The sixth commandment says "thou shalt not kill" Abortion is murderer.

  • Not more than a woman's.

    Any rights you would like to grant cant supersede a woman's rights. Attempts to grant "person-hood" are in the end moot when the fact remains that a woman has rights over her own body, and anything that may be growing inside.

    Rights are not intended to be bully-rights. That is, granting one right does not remove rights from another.

    Posted by: TBR
  • I don't think so

    A fetus is ultimately not a full human being. Obviously it looks like a human being, but it can't even sense pain until it is developed beyond the time at which it could (legally) be killed. That said it still has rights, but less rights than the basic human rights we assume hold for all people, because a fetus is really less than a human when it can be removed from the body.

  • It's has not been born yet and therefore is not a person it is a fetus

    Fetus=/=Person. It is the mothers choice what to do with her own body so long as it is legal and does not harm any other autonomous, functioning, living, human being. Simply because something has human DNA does not mean it is a person and as such killing it does not mean it is murder. One does not have any human rights until one is actually born.

  • Its a baby fetus come on guys

    I think no because im only ate years old and when i was in my mommy they didnt le t me drink or any thing so no they can't have rights because they can t do these things that need to be able to have rights and fetuses don't even born yet so if u think it has rights u r dumb

  • It's not a child yet!

    Abortion can determine the life or death of a mother, and if not done the child may die anyways. Even if the child and pregnancy are healthy, maybe the woman can't or doesn't want to support a child! Alive people have more rights than dead ones, and should have more than unborn ones as well.

  • No It Does Not, But It Should.

    Most governments do not give it the rights it deserves. It is being brutally murdered and governments allow it. It has the same the same structure as you and I, but it is getting killed. If it is legal to kill people why isn't it illegal to kill a fetus?

  • Not according to John Locke.

    According to the philosophies that we base the American Constitution after those who are born do not receive natural rights. Those who are born are given the right to life, liberty and property; liberty meaning freedom of will or choice. Those who aren't born do not receive any of the previous rights. The fetus is not born, but the mother is. She has the choice of the fetus to be born

  • No it has not been born yet.

    The universal declaration of Human Rights states that "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights." we can see that people are not entitled to these rights untill they are born and not when they are conceived. Also the declaration uses the words everybody. SInce fetuses are part of the womens body the fetus is not included.

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