Does a fetus have more rights than the mother?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • In most circumstances, yes. The child or child-to-be shouldn't suffer for the choices of the mother.

    I operate from a Christian standpoint, so my support is one of biblical nature. I believe no matter what stage a fetus in the womb is in, it is a human being. If it comes to a life-threatening situation between the choice of the mother or the child, I feel it is not wrong to choose the mother over the child. But when it comes to something like abortion just because a woman doesn't want to have the baby, I believe the child shouldn't have to suffer for choices the mother makes. A woman shouldn't get out of facing the consequences of her choice by making another human being suffer. It is irresponsible and selfish. It flies in the face of God as it is He who is creating the child whom He has plans for.

  • It is a sack of cells

    It is a sack of cells. It does not have any rights because it is not even alive during the time abortion is legalized. The mother has the right to choose whether or not she wants the baby and should be able to do so without discrimination. Also, some pregnancies KILL women. Why should a sack of cells have more rights than a woman who has a life and loved ones.

  • How could anyone justify this?

    By what reasoning and logic could a non-thinking, non-feeling entity be granted greater rights than one that can think and feel? In particular, how could a non-thinking entity be granted rights OVER an intelligent being, to the extent that they are given property rights to that individual's very flesh and blood to the detriment of that person's safety and health? This is insanity!

  • One does not outweigh the other

    Lynn Paltrow, executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women said, "We cannot give fetuses rights without removing the rights of women", and I have to agree with her. We cannot let the rights and interests of the child overrule the rights and interests of the mother, she is involved as well.

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