• Yes it does

    Discrimination MUST END! Religion enforces hate toward LGBT scouts. Being gay is better in my opinion. You can't have kids! People need to stop forcing religion on others. It is the seed of pure hate (in most cases). LOVE IS LOVE! Stop hatred of LGBT! Can we all GROW UP?!

  • Yes.

    The ban on homosexuals displays the Boy Scouts closed-mindedness and overall hurts their enrollment rate from homosexuals. They would make more money if they lifted the ban on homosexuals and they would be supported by the gay community, which is a pretty large community nowadays. I think banning gays is discrimination and must be stopped.

  • Yes, it hurts.

    It shows that the Scouts have a general attitude of intolerance, which is an embarrassment. This attitude is toxic and should deter parents from having their kid join the scouts since it would passively teach their kids it's ok to harbor these unfounded prejudices. This ban does nothing except deter a large portion of the population from considering volunteering for or joining the Scouts.

  • Yes. In several ways.

    A ban on gays in scouting is bad on multiple levels. First, it turns away potentially valuable volunteers simply because they're gay. Second, it shows a bigoted attitude that is not the kind of thing that most people would want to pass along to the young scouts. Third, it assumes that something bad would actually happen, which is pretty insulting to gay people in general. This ban has to go.

  • Absolutely not.

    It hurts the scouts to be forced to worry about what could happen. The Boy Scouts is not for Gays or Girls. For the same reason of both. Sex. They should not be forced to violate their OWN oath. I have conversed with gays about the subject, and they said they hate this. They told me if they wanted an effeminate individual, they'd look somewhere else. College age gays presiding over younger boys is a recipe for disaster. How bout I stand naked over your sleeping children. You gonna argue equality then.

  • It gives people a clear choice

    Like it or not, most religions in this country teach that homosexuality is a sin. The Boy Scout program is based heavily on religion, not that they teach religion themselves, but all scouts are encouraged to be religious and believe in God. The ban on homosexuals serving as leaders supports the beliefs of those religions, and gives everyone else clear choice. If you don't like it, don't participate, don't send your kids and stop caring. Who are all these gays that want to be a part of it anyway? Its not like being a boy scout is that much fun, or the cool thing to do. The boy scouts are in decline and it has nothing to do with their ban on gays.

  • No

    According to the Scout Law, a scout is reverent. One cannot be reverent and homosexual. It doesn't matter how much they can profit, I hope they stand their ground. I support Chick-fil-A for the exact reason that he refused to give in to political pressure. I don't care how popular same sex is, I'm not giving in.

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