• There is evidence for a God

    I am not saying there is proof a God exists. All I am saying is that there is evidence for one. It may not necessarily be conclusive evidence but it still exists. The Kalaam Cosmological Argument is one example. Whether or not you believe it is conclusive, you cannot deny its existence as evidence.

  • When I look at the evidence, it seems harder to believe in Evolution and the Big Bang...

    It really takes a lot more faith to believe in Evolution.. They redid the experiment to determine if, under the right circumstance, the gases and minerals in the beginning could form life using modern assumptions about what elements filled the air at the time. With the elements scientists now think were there, the experiment came up with no results. Of course they only tell you about the first time they did the experiment with a (now outdated) set of gases.

    The first experiment only came up with goo that you can find in a cell, but not much else. Goo doesn't become a cell... An actual cell, with both the power to feed and reproduce, have to had been formed. Afterwards, it cell couldn't start forming multi-celled blobs without growing too large and dying like an Amoeba. It would never evolve into a multi-celled organism.

    The next issue is that if it somehow DID evolve passed that stage and into a full creature, we have an issue with the sex... Asexual creatures aside, a creature that requires a mate simply would not have made it. You have to have faith that both a male and female were born (the idea that it would work out two complex sex organs it astonishing) in the same area... Across all the world, and all of time, the two would have to be born in the same area, around the same time frame. Then comes the issue of how evolution worked out two complex sex organs across two animals... How while one was illogically forming a penis that required another animal to work, another was forming at the same time, a corresponding organ that registered with the penis without error. The odd that they would work together, or had been formed at the same time frame is about impossible without a divine hand guiding it... Especially since this happened with possibly 10's of millions of species.

    The odds are literally the same as a tornado hitting a junkyard, staying there for billions of years, and leaving with hundreds of Super Computers that we won't be able to create for many many decades. And each Super Computer had a corresponding Super Computer it needed to reproduce..

    Believing in a God just makes more since. I really mean it... An all-powerful being literally seems more possible than evolution actually working out as many times as they claim it did...

  • Yes, God Exists

    Not only are there sound arguments and evidence for the existence of God, but He can be immediately known and experienced in your life. If you follow the evidence where it leads (be it the origin of the universe, the fine-tuning of the universe, or the existence of morality), you will be lead to the conclusion that God exists. If you search after this God with an open heart and mind, you will experience Him as living reality, not merely the conclusion of an argument. As the Bible says, draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

  • Logic tells us there is a God

    What are the laws of logic? The Law of identity, the law of non contradiction, the law of excluded middle? Where did the come from? Are they made of atoms? No they are immaterial, atheism can't account for the laws of logic, only theism can, therefore God exists. If any atheist dare doubt with me, then they have no logic and can't argue with me, God exists the same way logic exists.

  • God does exist

    Thus is my belief. I believe that God, or some part of his will, makes up the reality in which we live. Why do people find this so unbelievable? When it has been found that there is a quantum force which can hold the shape of DNA, doesn't it seem possible that it helped guide evolution in the right way? Miracles occur in the Name of God, some of which are impossible to explain, such as the Miracle of the Sun, in which up to 100,000 people, at the exact time foretold, saw the sun move in vibrant colors. Of course, this is impossible, without all life on earth becoming no more.

  • Big Bang and Evolution: More Problems than It Answers

    Even if a human baby were to evolve from a common ancestor similar to primates, how could this baby survive? Does the evolutionist seriously believe that the first man raised himself from a baby on up??!!

    How did the particles of the Big Bang come together and form the stellar cloud in a frictionless universe? Angular momentum is needed to change the dirsction of the particles; why then, does our universe turn counter-clockwise?

    The antimatter from the Big Bang would have destroyed all the regular matter.

    Nothingness cannot produce heat. An empty vacuum in the extreme cold of outer space cannot get hot by itself. Nor can an empty void magically change into matter. There can be no heat without an energy source.


    If the proton to neutron ratio were to vary only slightly, chaos would result.

  • Certainly God exists

    The harmony and complexity within the universe leaving no chance for chance, ourselves, our thinking ability, our emotions, our hope for a power to save us in most difficult time and the mercy spread in all creatures are all living evidences.

    It is impossible in any means these happened by chance. If you give a hundred monkeys typing machines and leave them type for hundred billion years, are they going to write you Lord of the Ring novel with all details even comma and full stops. Of course not. What about this huge complex universe and what our complex bodies too.

    But for those who insist on a direct evidence, I tell them there are two challenges; first give the life for something died, create a soul while knowing in advance the soul properties. Second, write something like a chapter in Quraan (refer to Quraan Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 23)

  • Everything in the universe is evidence of God's existence.

    God is the Creator, Creator of everything, including time and space, which makes up the boundaries of this universe. Because the Creator created time and space, it is not bound by it, therefore, God, or the Creator, does not exist WITHIN this universe. And this universe is a finite, physical world, and the Creator is outside it, therefore the Creator is not physical, but metaphysical, or a spiritual entity beyond the realm of our human understandings.

    This universe has been proven finite, therefore, it had a beginning. All things that had beginnings were created or brought into existence by a cause, the cause was the Creator of course, that created this universe, that brought it into existence, and evolved it in stages and formed everything perfectly and magnificently. Many great scholars and philosophers and scientists in the past, including Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton believed that God existed, and they had logical and rational reasons for it, as I am presenting now.

    These are just basics. There has to be a creator of this massive illusion that we live in, it is impossible (except with a closed mind), to say that this universe, the condition that it is in now, was not intelligently crafted, and was brought into existence from absolutely nothing.

    If that were the case, the same laws would still apply now. Why don't random elephants just pop into existence in random places? We can see that there are laws that govern this universe, who designed these laws in the first place? The Mastermind of course! God is that mastermind.

    Evolution could not have continued on without the one controlling it, the one who planned it all from the beginning, the one who perfected it, the one who slowed it down and sped it up.

    God is The Source of everything, it is impossible to deny. All of the knowledge that we have regarding this universe and everything in it, is from God, the Creator, Himself, as He designed, constructed, and perfected this universe. Evolved it, and one day, will bring it to its end, whenever He wills. There is no shadow of a doubt that He has full knowledge of this universe and everything in it.

    Not only does the Creator have full knowledge of it, His power and reign stretches forth even beyond the edges of the universe. He is The Omnipotent, The Omnipresent, and The Omniscient.

    He is the Transcendent. He is beyond this universe, and infinitely beyond us. God is Eternal, an infinite being. The universe is finite, and we are part of the universe, we are also finite. It will come to an end, just as it had come into existence. But God is forever, God exists without a place, without a time period, without relations. God is One, and He certainly exists, without a doubt.

  • The existence of God is a demonstrable fact

    Dr. Scott Hahn shows how astronomically unlikely--even impossible-- it is that particles just randomly came together to form life on a planet as young as our own in "Answering the New Atheism." While Richard Dawkins has argued that the likelihood of a living cell randomly forming from inanimate matter could be compared to the odds of being dealt a perfect hand in bridge (which would not be that unlikely, big as the universe is), Hahn demonstrates that those odds would be more accurately compared to the odds of throwing a deck in the air during a hurricane and having land in a perfect house of cards--impossible.

  • A God of some kind, whether a celestial being or some dark matter, must exist; our universe couldn't have been brought into existence without one.

    Think about it. In normal physics, everything that has ever happened is a direct result of something else that came before it. It's simple physics, right? If the Big Bang was indeed the cause of the universe, that means that everything that has ever happened in the universe, all the way to me typing this right now, is a result of the Big Bang. Even if you don't believe in the theory of the Big Bang, you must accept that at least this rule is true; everything that has ever happened is a direct result of something that came before it.

    But, if we follow that rule, which we know to be true, something had to have caused the Big Bang. Again, it's simple physics; within the normal laws of physics, something can't just happen - without being caused by something else.

    That means that the Big Bang must have been caused by another event before it, which we will call Big Bang 2. And Big Bang 2 was caused by Big Bang 3, which was caused by another event before it - Big Bang 4. Are you getting the picture?

    So, the universe was caused by the Big Bang, which itself was caused by a potentially near infinite chain of Big Bangs before it. But at the very, very end of that chain, there must have been a singularity, an event that started off the chain. Otherwise, how else would the chain have started off in the first place? But that also means that that first event must have existed outside the constraints of normal physics. It must have been able to self-create itself. And the only thing that could have been able to do that is a God.

    Now, I’m not saying that this singularity God I speak of is a God in the sense most of you are arguing about, as in Gods that exist in religions of today. What I’m saying is, whether this God is one of the Gods referred to in the Holy books of religions around the world, or some kind of dark matter, or a celestial being or object beyond our comprehension, it must exist or have existed for our universe to have been brought into its own existence.

    Thank you for reading,


  • God is fake...

    First of all there has never been any evidence at all that proves god's existence. For all those Christians about there the bible is not evidence. It was written by old nuts. There is also no evidence to disprove god's existence as he doesn't exist. Nothing can be found, proven or shown on god's existence. Therefore, he doesn't exist.

  • No evidence of a god.

    My position is not "There is no god." My position is "Nobody has been able to provide demonstrable evidence for a god." God, like any other myth, was created by man. There is about as much evidence supporting the god claim as there is evidence supporting Bigfoot, fairies, leprechauns, etc.

  • In the 21st century we still argue about this

    It astounds me that we live in a world with technology capable of accessing any information (most information should i say) anywhere in the world with the touch of our fingers yet we actually have people who are so obnoxious and arrogant that they can still believe in a god.

    Christianity is founded on the bible, so lets just take a few extracts from it and apply what sane people call "logic", lets begin:

    "God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. 17 God set them in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth, 18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good.------ With basic knowledge of our solar system and the moon, the moon does NOT give light ."

    Furthermore it does mention the stars, however the stars light would take years to reach the earth so they don't appear yet (hence light years, which is a measure of distance NOT TIME)
    I now realize the trick with the bible is to not use logic when reading it. (and to of course not apply basic physics)

    "Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name." ---- Oh? So someone named all the names of the animals did they? What about prokaryotic lifeforms? Are they not significant to not get a mention? What annoys me most about religious people is that they say "don't take it too literal" then why do they?! Its the most contradictory statement they can make.

    " Adam[a] made love to his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain.[b] She said, “With the help of the Lord I have brought forth[c] a man.” 2 Later she gave birth to his brother Abel" ------- I do believe that the breeding of the first two original humans would get a bit messy, any situation would now force them to inbreed causing severe genetic disorders, but because god forced them to do this surely inbreed is good right? :D

    I apologize in advance for my inability to take this debate serious but people can actually read those quotes and not question them at all.

  • What proof is there?

    God does not exist. There is simply no proof that says he does! If God does exist, why are there so many genocides, diseases, rapes and murders? And for those who say the bible is proof, the bible is nothing more than a glorified fantasy novel. Those who say they have been cured by a miracle are either deluded or liars. THERE IS NO HARD EVIDENCE!

  • I'm a Neural scientist

    Naturally you have read the word scientist so you have an automatic assumption of what my opinion is going to be.

    The human brain creates the image of god, this has been proved and if you would like I can show you the evidence myself, its a falsified "image" (I quote the word image because its not my ideal word to use but it gives a good understanding of what I'm trying to show) so the human body can create artificial logic and comfort, (fake pretty much) though this can be considered a bad thing, it is NOT disputable that religion has a benefit in society. If you also notice, main people who are converted into a religion tend to be going through a stressful time, without explaining how pyramidal neural cells communicate (standard name for neurons in your brain) the human brain will do anything to create a source for serotonin (happiness neural transmit) and so through stressful times, the brain can seek even options it would consider "ridiculous" to create these artificial stimulus'.

    But then again what do I know, I only went to university for six years and studied brains for eight.

  • Not enough evidence... I meant no evidence at all

    A lot of you are arguing about evolution vs creationism, and how the universe was created, etc. But Imma just stick to the question and ask the question "does a god exist." well, the answer is obvious no. There simply is no evidence at all. If someone finds an evidence, then fine i'll start believing in that god but so far there isn't any evidence. I've already posted like 70 times on different opinion boards about how bible and other religious texts can't be the evidence for god so don't even bother citing those old book as the evidence. Man, i would say you can find more evidence for UFOs than evidence for god. And yet when you believe in UFOs, you're a dumbtard but when you don't believe in god, all the religious people look at you like psychos. And, in case some of you with lack of reading comprehension abilities think this, no it doesn't mean i believe in UFOs just cos i used it as an example.

  • More likely not.

    There just isn't any evidence to support the idea that a god or gods exist. The theist relies on circular logic, special pleading, and faith, the belief in something without a good reason to do so. While it is logically impossible to disprove the existence of anything, given what we know about science and philosophy, it is more likely that there isn't a god or gods.

  • Like ghosts I have no actual experience of a "god" existing

    I have neither seen, felt, heard, touched or tasted a "god", not have any of the various arguments put forward for his/her/its existence convinced me. Most of these arguments seem to along the lines of "because of X there must be a God" as opposed to "Here is provable evidence of a "God".

  • Religion is nonsense.

    Think about it: "There's an invisible, magical old man in the sky, watching everything we do. If you're good, you'll go to heaven, a magical place in the clouds where you will grow wings. But if you're bad, you will burn in the everlasting flames of hell. But he LOVES you." Pretty contradictory to me.

  • I'm inclined to go with 'No'.

    Ignoring any and all arguments from philosophical possibility, I'm only going to describe the situation as it exists in reality. The earth formed billions of years ago in an entirely natural process involving heat and gravity and asteroids, the whole shebang. Life on earth began from a unique circumstance of heat, pressure and semi-organic compounds to create a single-celled organism, and things just sort of... Evolved from there. The fact is that we can, with a fair amount of accuracy and certainty, explain in entirely naturalistic terms the entire existence and evolution of both humanity, life on earth in general, the planet as a body, the solar system, and, indeed, the entire universe. We may not have nailed that last one down, but that's due to inherent difficulties extrapolating on scraps of information from billions of years ago, preserved mostly in radiation patterns. There exists no evidence, no real, hard evidence whatsoever, that leads one to the conclusion that any such thing as a 'soul' exists separate from our physical selves. Our minds, I believe, are caused by purely physical factors, though not reducible to them, but that isn't the same thing. There exists no evidence whatsoever that points to any sort of being being involved in the creation of humanity, life in general, the earth, or the universe. And, of course, burden of proof is on the party making the claim. Religions are the party making the claim, yet, to date, no actual evidence at all has ever been substantiated to point to such an extraordinary claim.

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Anonymous says2013-07-18T01:10:37.940
I find trying to use logic in religious debates as much use as giving water bands to a child who's jumping of a cliff onto land. The fact is religion is a human created thing. It has its benefits and its flaws but i assure you it is a human made item.
Idealist says2013-07-18T19:51:56.623
The biggest mistake that believers ever made was to allow secular thinking to convince them that the existence of God is determinable by science. The Union of Concerned Scientists has itself spoken against this belief. I am not a particularly religious person, but I find it interesting that early religion predicted that science (knowledge) would become the ultimate enemy. One of the ways in which we measure the strength of a theory is in its ability to make predictions.