Does a God or Gods exist, and if so, what is the evidence?

Asked by: Reasonslap
  • Abs ol ute ly

    By definition of every relgion with a God, God is everything.
    Therefor regardless, God does exist, because everything exists.

    The universe (everything) has a balance and a self awareness regarding all matter and energy in it. Therefor God is aware an conscious of everything in it, including emotion.

    In order for an event to take place it must follow a set of Laws, these laws are truths, and these laws were arranged to function perfectly prior to their manifestation. Therefor everything was intelligently designed.

    Although this sounds like it supports your atheism, all I am suggesting is that everything that supports your atheism is in fact a portion of religion.

    In religion Morals (right and wrong) exist as actual manifestations which have real characteristics. In atheism morals are thought to be man man opinionated fictitious statements, making you and all other atheists literally insane.
    It is wrong to torture people, that is not an opinion statement.

    There is a God, because God is everything.

  • He does exist and I can prove it

    Our biggest advantage is the historical writings about Jesus. Jesus did exist and many famous writers wrote about Him. He has been proven a historical figure and even his miracles. What else other than God can preform these wonders? There are even numerous miracles happening today that cant be explained by scientists. The stigmata for ex. The wound appears and then disappears the next day. God is the only Person who could do that.

  • I believe God exists.

    God exists and loves people. He can hear our prays. Many of my Christian friends have their experiences with god. For example, one of my friend's legs was injured. It was a weekend so she cloud not buy bandage. Therefore, another friend of mine prayed to god to give her a bandage. A free hours later, when my friend was cleaning her table, she found a bandage without brand on her table. The miracle happened after praying to God.

  • Existence Proves The Necessary Being (God)

    The reality of existence is either absolute and simple or finite and restricted. If it is absolute, then that is the point and the Necessary Being is proved thereby. In case it is limited and finite – as in the case of things around us which are limited – there must be absolute and infinite existence which the finite existent should depend on for their existence; otherwise it would mean that the effect comes into being without a cause. If it is not absolute and infinite, again it would mean that the finite being depends on something other than itself. And if again we say that this existent is limited, then we would ask about that existent itself and this will go on endlessly and lead to a circle or endless chain in the reasoning. Both the vicious circle and endless regression of causes are unacceptable and invalid.

  • Yes, but does it matter?

    Religion, or the belief of a superior being such as a god, fulfills important societal needs such as; emotional comfort, guidelines for everyday life, social control and adaptation. I make the argument that the role that religion and or the belief in a god is more important the the actual existence a god. Whether or not a god exists is irrelevant.

  • No evidence for any god

    Any god or gods are works of fiction. The evidence for these god or gods is extremely weak, and has been disproved by science. Most of these religions also have immorality in their holy book, and demand that people must convert to that religion. Other religions have no trouble skeptically looking at another religion, but have immense trouble when it it their religion which is being looked at.

  • The idea of God is ilogical

    The universe started from nothing so there couldn't have been a God to create the universe. As for Adam and Eve how did 'God' put them on earth? He couldn't have put them on earth if he lives in 'heaven'. Christians are against Homosexuality but if 'God' created everyone then, they would realize that 'God' created them to be homosexual, but apparently the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin (i don't know I haven't read it) but in the bible people that have DIED can come back to LIFE, VIRGINS can have BABIES and SNAKES can talk. None of it makes sense, how does a virgin have a baby?! Because we all know that babies are conceived through sex or IVF and I'm sure they weren't scientifically advanced then for IVF, 'God' just said to 'Mary' that she will carry his child and then poof! She's pregnant. The idea of a perfect or superior being came from an imperfect mind so you could say that they created the idea of a perfect version of themselves, I don't believe that there is a heaven or hell, what I believe is that when you die that's it, you either get cremated or you decompose and become worm food. That's my opinion!

  • We have no reliable way to detect/confirm the existence of the supernatural

    Reasonslap made some good points, but here's the root. We have no good reason to believe in the existence of a god or gods for the same reason as fairies and ghosts. Simply put, we cannot reliably demonstrate the existence of the supernatural.

    We're natural creatures living in a natural world. We have documented many instances of humanity inventing gods, devils, and other supernatural entities in history, usually in our own image. Any sensory info we get can be distorted (i.E. Optical illusions, hallucinations, etc.). Any of all the psychics, clergy, etc. who claim to detect the supernatural, all greatly disagree on it's nature.

    To briefly address GoOrDin's post, "God" is not defined as "everything" in any theology, with maybe the exception of polytheistic ones with multiple gods for each element of the universe. It isn't defined that way in any dictionary, either. You're welcome to try and show otherwise. Individual theists might use that incorrect definition, but it is no more valid than if I defined "the Force" to mean everything and said that proves it exists. Anybody can make up their own convenient definition of something to fit whatever they're trying to prove.

    Skipping to the topic of morals. Atheism has nothing to do with morals, just like it has nothing to do with health and nutrition or something like that. Ethics however, does, and in that case morals are based on consequences and well-being, which are objective. You evaluate each situation independently. Facts are demonstrably true, so they are not just "opinions".

    If torturing people is wrong because a god says it is, then morality is subjective, and only an opinion of a mind, albeit a supernatural one.

    This is probably the most common alleged "critique" of atheism, by the way, and is nothing new for a lot of us.

    Most of us are also quite accustomed to ad hominems/insults, like being called "insane". Thanks for confirming that you don't have any good (or even new) arguments or evidence for your position.

    I suggest you talk to some educated atheists on these subjects (logic, psychology, ethics, etc.) so that you don't misrepresent our positions in the future.

  • The Fallacy of Ignorance

    This is what I believe cfmacleod is referring to. It's a common error in reasoning when viewing arguments through a philosophical lense. "Well you can't prove it DOESN'T exist, so it has to exist." Religious individuals tend to believe that their way of worship is the true way. To quote Sagoyewatha though (more commonly known as Red Jacket), a Native American meeting with a group of missionaries to discuss their want to introduce Christianity to Native Americans, "If there is but one religion, why do you white people differ so much about it?" (Red Jacket's Lecture to a Missionary). The Bible does not, I'm afraid, act as proof that God exists, nor does the reappearance of several "similar" figures throughout history. I am more inclined to believe that God does not exist simply because of the poor arguments often presented by religious figures.

  • Come down here

    Why is our God making it so difficult? Why did our God come down before the age of cameras, and say hey guys I am real. If he is all powerful, all knowing, everywhere at once, than why can't he just say I am real. He is willing to send you into eternal fire, but he still loves you. These myths will dies soon enough. Just like the Roman Gods died, this one will die too. It will die a slow painful death, but when people realize that they are cherry-picking their own book, and their is a lot to life, this myth will die.

  • I don't have to give an argument.

    In fact, there is nothing I could say. You cannot disprove God, and you shouldn't have to. Imagine a world where you weren't allowed to not believe in something just because you didn't have an alternate theory, or didn't have any evidence to the contrary.

    "I had sex with a mermaid!"

    "No you didn't..."

    "Oh yeah? Prove I didn't! Ha, ha! You can't, so I must be telling the truth!"

    It would be complete madness.

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