Does a Malaysian prime minister have $1 billion worth of influence?

  • The prime minister of Malaysia has one billion dollars in his bank account - Money is power

    Recent news reports have discussed how the Malaysian prime minister has $1 billion dollars in his bank account. As the prime minister of Malaysia, he already has a lot of power. However, now he also has money to fund his lavish lifestyle. Malaysia is becoming a stronger country every day.

  • Malaysian Prime Minister's Influence Could Be Worth $1 Billion

    A Malaysian prime minister could have $1 billion worth of influence. It is culturally diverse because of the way in which it is split into two parts separated by the South China Sea, and has a relatively large political influence. Its tourism industry is expanding, and Malaysia has an increasingly stellar economic record among Asian countries.

  • National Leaders' Sway Is Worth a Fortune

    In a world that is economically so interdependent, each country's unique contributions have incredible worth. When word of a riff between two countries can cause a downturn in the stock market, it seems rather clear that the leader of most countries, including those which might seem somewhat insignificant, can wield substantial power in the decision they make. Therefore, their influence in the market place, and in international events can literally be worth billions when taken into account.

  • Not in this world

    Malaysia might have a good economy and an growing tourism sector but I doubt whether a Malaysian prime ministers has a billion dollars worth of influence anywhere in this world. He might have it in his hometown but surely that doesn't count. The country should be more focused on how good a job the prime minister is doing instead of how much influence he has.

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