• Yes, yes it does

    A mans hair does reflect his sexuality.... If its messy but still kinda organized, then hes a straight guy.... If its dyed absurdly bright colors or he has highlights, then hes probably super duper mega gay.... If hes bald he either has cancer, or hes a nazi, or hes a nazi who happens to have cancer.

    Look at Jesus's hair and tell me that he isnt the manliest looking due in the history of forever....

  • Sexual deviants are significantly more likely to modify their bodies.

    Lots of transgender people I know shave half their head and dye the rest. Some have multicolored hair (a Caucasian obese girl I know has pink yellow and orange hair to as she said, "present to others her bisexuality. ") That does not mean that shaving or dyeing portions of your hair is a gay activity, Just that lots of gay people do it. It's like when a man wears those stripper tights that prostitutes used to wear in alleyways. Anyone can wear them, But in a college campus, A person wearing them is probably gay.

  • Yes it does

    If a man has blonde highlights in his hair or it looks like they've been to a hair salon for the last 4 hours there probably gay. Or if its pink for example or any vibrant colour it reflects and corresponds to there sexuality.

    Sorry but its true so deal with it

  • Hell no! It’s just a stereotype!

    There’s no motherfucking way a man’s hairstyle or fashion sense is a symbol of his sexuality. Lots of straight guys dye their hair in different colours and sport a wide range of hairstyles. Besides, Majority of dudes with long hair are actually heterosexual. Your hair is a reflection of your personality type or personal taste rather than your sexual orientation. We should stop putting people of each gender, Sexual orientation, Race, Etc into narrow, Distinct boxes regarding what hairstyle they should keep, How they should dress, What kind of music they should listen to, Etc, Etc. In that way, We can reduce inequality in society.

  • It’s just a stereotype.

    How we perceive men’s hairstyles and their sexuality is more or less a stereotype. If a man has dyed their hair, highlights or not, that doesn’t mean that he likes guys. Take male Youtubers and other internet stars as an example, they dye their hair all kinds of colours but most are heterosexuals. Hairstyles aren’t exactly a way to tell if people are gay, but really just a way to show their personality type. So, in conclusion, the colour and style of your hair does not always represent your sexuality. I know so many friends with dyed hair, and only one of them are actually gay.

  • No Nigga tf

    Its just hair anyone can dye their hair if they wanted to I'm a guy that has blonde hair and no one judges me for my hair color so if you wanted to dye your hair go for it don't let others think about your sexuality because of you hair color

  • No, it's just hair.

    I was planning on making my hair white or grey (not old looking but kinda grey it's hard to explain) and I'm a straight dude.
    The color of your hair can't represent your sexuality in any way.
    If a guy is born with blonde hair that doesn't mean that he was born gay neither does blonde dyed hair mean that this guy is gay.
    That makes no sense whatsoever...Tf people.

  • Anyone can do whatever they want to do with there hair

    I am a guy in middle school and I was wondering the same question because I am thinking about changing my hair style but I am worryed that people will think it is gay but it is just hair. If I were a blue shirt does that mean I am gay or straight, no. If I wear red jeans does that mean I am gay or straight, no. Of someone gets highlights or dyes there hair it is to look better, not because some stereotypes says they have to.

  • Everyone has individual taste

    If a guy has short hair or long hair, masculine or feline it doesn’t have anything to do with his sexual orientation. There are men that are gay, straight or bisexual who have a variety of hairstyles there is not simply a “gay hairstyle” or a “straight hairstyle,” this is purely homophobic speculation.

  • No its just hair

    I'm a straight guy and I've dyed my hair blond. And got called gay also a slim shady wannabe I'm going to dye it again some color probably blonde or maybe black or green with red, blue, or purple streaks/highlights or maybe all 3 so anyone can dye their hair

  • No its just hair

    I'm a straight guy and I've dyed my hair blond. And got called gay also a slim shady wannabe I'm going to dye it again some color probably blonde or maybe black or green with red, blue, or purple streaks/highlights or maybe all 3 so anyone can dye their hair

  • No, hair doesn't mean anything

    It's a shame that things like this do determine the sexuality of a person in the eyes of some others, because they have nothing to do with it. A hair style doesn't automatically depict the sexual preferences of a person, the stereotypes may be correct in some instances but only coincidentally.

  • No not really

    Sexuality is not always as black and white as a lot of people proclaim. The point I am trying to say is that just because someone shows homosexual tendencies or appears homosexual it does not always mean that they will be identifiable as gay their whole lives. It also works the other way round. Also gay males have different images so that will be reflected in differing haircuts amongst them. Also many gay men are in denial so may purposely choose to have so called straight haircuts so as to avoid attention in a society where there are still a lot of people who see heterosexuality as a social norm. Just for the record I don't care what sexuality a person is and would treat someone the same regardless of their sexual orientation.

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