• It is the best feeling.

    Yes, a minute of success pays for future failures, because the feeling of success is an amazing high. A person who has been successful will tell you that it is always worth the effort. No one person will be successful all of the time. But the truly successful person will remember how it feels to win and will forget how it feels to lose.

  • Life is not about failure but the road to success.

    We all have success and failure in life.It's much better to take joy in your success instead of constantly thinking about some future failure that may occur.If you are constantly thinking about the possibility of future failure you will never want to take the risks that it will take to live a fulfilling life.

  • Not Just A Minute

    I do not believe a minute of success pays for future failures. Failures are a part of life and you learn from them, however they're very hard to deal with. A minute of success seems pretty short and I would think that would ware off too quickly before the thought of failure returned.

  • A Minute Is Only 60 Seconds

    I do not believe a minute of success fully pays for future failures. A minute is a short time and often is not a good measure of what success is. Given the short time frame, one could not accomplish too much, therefore future failures would not be worth it, if the success was short.

  • It's a nice thought, but..

    It's a nice thought to think that a minute of success will pay for all future failures but I really don't hold water with it. I believe that we should be planning for prolonged success in the future and not just hope we get that "one minute of glory" instead.

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