Does a nuclear capable North Korea pose a bigger threat to the United States than a nuclear capable Iran?

  • Yes it doos

    I thank so because it is evil evil evil and it is also because of the nuclear threat it possesses. Iran is currently at war with us so they will not have an open time and chance to nuke us. On the other hand, north korea's schedule is wide open.

  • The people of Iran are still unsure of their nuclear weapons.

    Meanwhile the North Koreans are almost completely sure of their nuclear arms. Thus posing a bigger threat than Iran (say e-ran). The North Koreans are also posing a threat to South Korea, Japan, etc. The USA isnt the only place that matters you know! So please join me in my points.
    Thank you.

  • In my opinion, they are both an equal threat to the United States.

    Any country that has nuclear weapons is a threat to the whole planet. They are the worse weapon that man has ever made and, if it is used on countries with excess, it could mean the end of this planet. So, any country that has nuclear weapons is a threat to the United States, including ourselves.

    Posted by: 5h4rkEmar
  • Yes, If North Korea became capable of using nuclear weapons, they would be a greater threat than nuclear-armed Iran.

    Kim Jung-il's administration is getting more and more unstable. Conflict over the successor could result in major chaos, which could result in unpredicted use of nuclear missiles.

    Posted by: AngryHiram43
  • I agree that North Korea poses a greater threat, simply because of the location of North Korea.

    I believe that a nuclear capable North Korea poses much more of threat to the United States, due to the location of the country. If North Korea developed or has long-range ballistic missiles that could be fitted with nuclear warheads, then the United States is a great target, especially on the west coast. If North Korea launched a nuclear missile at Japan, it would pretty much affect the United States economically, also.

    Posted by: LethalDino
  • Yes, I agree that a nuclear-ready North Korea poses a bigger threat to the U.S. than a nuclear-capable Iran, due to the fact that North Korea is more willing to launch a nuclear attack, no matter how detrimental it will be to its country and its people.

    Although both countries pose a nuclear threat to the United States, there's reason to believe that Iran would face devastating consequences if they used a nuclear weapon. Iran's enemy is Israel, but with all the attention paid to them by the U.S., UN, European countries, and the Arab League, it seems like, if a country did use a nuclear weapon, the rest would most likely condemn them and go to war against them. Besides the president of Iran, Supreme Leader of Iran, and the councils would all have to approve a nuclear attack. North Korea is more willing and ready to use nuclear weapons against South Korea, no matter what the consequences are. It seems like only the leader of North Korea would have to make that decision, with the input of a few military personnel.

    Posted by: NiftyVincent60

    A country without apple pie is like a clown without apple pie.

  • Yes. North Korea is potentially dangerous.

    North Korea has pursued on nuclear programs for a long time, so that the neighboring countries; South Korea, China, Japan, US and Russia were not happy at all to see this mass destruction weapon being developed. As a South Korean citizen, I'm threatened by the North's threats to use nuclear weapons. Even though North Korea often mention using nuclear weapons these days, it is wrong to underestimate them. Many experts say that North Korea's current progress with nuclear weapons is even beyond that of Iran's; something to take note of.
    Furthermore, people don't know North Korea as much as they know Iran, mostly because of the fact that North Korea is a completely isolated communist country that allows no information to go out. Keeping this in mind, I can say that North Korea has greater potential to be a threat not only to the countries of East Asia, but also the entire world.

  • Yes, because Iran is a troublesome country that oppresses its people and funds terrorism. But it isn't crazy. With North Korea, one is less sure.

    Too much attention focuses on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He has said many crazy things, like denying the Holocaust, and issuing threats against Israel's existence. But he is not the head of the Iranian government. The role of President is not particularly powerful there. The Supreme Leader, Khameini, may be a vicious thug, but he shows no sign of wanting large-scale conflict with the U.S., its European allies, or Israel. North Korea, by contrast, seems genuinely more irrational. Their recent bombing of a South Korean island was highly provocative (and cruel, and needless). Their threats are frequent and grandiose. Their indoctrination of their own people with absurd, self-glorifying propaganda, and their semi-worship of their leader further suggest instability. The North Korean arsenal does not threaten the U.S. directly at this time, but Pyongyang could draw us into war at any time with enough aggression against our South Korean allies.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • North Korea is a communist country and politically much more stable and a bigger threat than Iran.

    Iran is not as politically stable as North Korea. North Korea being a communist country, can mobilize its citizens by propaganda or force into a war much more readily than Iran. Also, Iran's nuclear capabilities seem much less developed than either the United States or North Korea. I think this makes North Korea a more dangerous enemy.

    Posted by: danoneeno
  • Iran and North Korea are equal.

    No, Korea and Iran are a Third World democracy and pose no threat to the U.S. whatsoever. We have the capability to destroy any oncoming missiles if they are launched. North Korea, like the rest of the wars we have been in, will end the same way--with a victory for the United States.

  • A nuclear capable North Korea does not pose a bigger threat to the United States than a nuclear capable Iran due to North Korea's isolation politically and geographically.

    The United States has been successful at cutting North Korea off from other countries on a diplomatic and international level (mostly because under Kim-Jong Il the country has remained largely isolationist). This contrasts with Iran which is in the heart of the Persian Gulf (home to most of the world's remaining oil reserves), is run by a fundamentalist muslim government with ties to islamic terror groups, and is closer to both the U.S. and it's allies. As such while both countries would pose a threat with nuclear capabilities, Iran is clearly the bigger threat here.

    Posted by: SCross
  • Iran poses the bigger threat (IMO)

    Iran is still very upset about the abuse our forefathers did by supporting a dictator that brutalized the people. NK is still a threat and a nasty little threat at that, but I don't see them launching a first strike. I do see Iran doing that if they feel any way threatened. Now I could be wrong about this and I don't support either regime's nuclear weapons program.

  • It is crazy.

    Iran is part of the Middle East and may have weapons being distributed from other Middle Eastern countries. Also it is closer depending on how you look at it on the globe. But then again, the other way North Korea is closer and may be being helped by China and Russia. My last point is that Iran may have a bigger army than North Korea, resulting in better weapons, most likely. Plus, Iran isn't dealing with anybody like North Korea is (South Korea.) So if they chose to strike a missile at the U.S., We can target our missile at it in midair, or we can use our new satellite equipment like the Star Wars program. Either way should work.

  • Stop speculating about Iran

    Seriously, if you guys just want to invade the country enter the damn place with some forged casus belli like pearl harbor and 9/11. Just don't try to justify a war with pre-emptive strikes. Also North Korea - LOL! The only threat they pose is to South Korea and West Japan, and if they decide to drop Japan's third A-bomb and the USA can't do anything about it, I'm going to be pissed.

  • Iran has threatened fewer (but specific) countries, so there would be less worldwide unification to take action if they do become a threat.

    Iran has made repeated threats against Israel, America, Great Britain and some Saudi interests, so Iran are making threats towards specific countries (meaning other nations may be less willing to get involved, should Iran pose a credible threat - e.g. not my problem sir) whilst North Korea has made threats towards multiple countries/a greater audience (meaning more nations should be willing to unite and put greater effort in assisting each other, should North Korea become too extreme).

    Iran supplies weapons to multiple terrorist factions, so more diverse groups (with sympathy to each others cause) pose a threat against the west as they are not government controlled or controlled by one leader to reign them in, should peace deals wish to be made.

    Iran has more allies and/or dangerous neighbors (Syria, Iraq, Russia, China, Venezuela and Lebanon) to help them out as allies than a lonely and isolated North Korea which will have no re-enforcements.

    Iran also uses extreme religion and anti-west politics to call for various factions to unite worldwide and strike western international interests, as if it is their duty in order to achieve religious goals at the West's expense.

    Iran are in closer proximity to various oil and energy producers/suppliers and could target those interests, should it wish to inflict a greater economic pain to a variety of countries.

    Iran have more "appeal" factor in getting people of various backgrounds/walks-of-life willing to give them "insider" help than what North Korea could wish for!

    Iran have a greater wealth, so could afford any professionals, components, resources, bribes for insider help and influence it so desires.

    Iran has a racial and religious hatred of the Jews and the west, giving them a more extreme form of anger and determination to plot against them.

  • A War on Iran is a War Against an Ideology

    North Korea is starving and its people increasingly against their country, as proven by the mass illegal exodus to China, Japan, and South Korea.

    Iran, however, is a popular regime with allies and influence. The Islamic Republic's twisted interpretation of Islam, which advocates genocide and destruction of Israel and the West, and if it has nuclear weapons, it has the means to achieve this.

  • Iran has allies.

    Russia, China, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Lebanon, and myriad terrorist organizations including Hamas and Hezbollah. If the US were to go to war against Iran, we'd essentially be going to war against its allies as well. North Korea on the other hand doesn't have any real allies anymore. They are in complete isolation. Even China recently condemned them. If we were to go to war with North Korea, no one would help them. The war would be over in a day.

  • I think that Iran is a bigger threat to the United States because they have more support from other countries than North Korea.

    North Korea is fairly isolated and it does not have full fledged support from other countries. Even countries it is close to, such as China, have said many things against the country. Iran, on the other hand, has more support within the Middle East and it is highly possible that if they attacked the United States some other countries may join in as well.

    Posted by: TMacias

    It is clear that every human has a lust for blood and gore in this world. In america though, we are civilized and get our lust for blood satisfied on the Xbox 360, but since Iran does not have Xbox, they must satisfy there blood lust through terrorism and attacking the U.S. with martian technology

    (Source - President Barrack Obama)

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