Does a person's race affect how they are treated in society?

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  • Indeed it is

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  • Respect towards whites

    I am a white in a Chinese High school and it is perfectly obvious that there is a sense of respect from many of these people towards me.

    Some of them, however, are rather unkind to the few black students (who i am a close friend to) apart from that, white people, especially blondes are treated with much more respect and manner by the non-white population (apart from a small population of some ever-so-ambitious non-whites).
    I find the respect non-white people give to whites rather disgusting and try to avoid it as much a s possible.
    Be nice to people, though.... U didnt choose to be a white or a yellow or a black...

  • You can see it everyday in society!!

    Just observe for yourself and you will see!! Period ,I have noticed this after I got older and wiser in age ,as a youger child not as much ,but definetly exist ,jealusy ,hate ,envy, why just because of skin color ,society has been brainwashed and continues to be brain washed ,Obama was elected on a quilty conscious!!

  • A person's race affects how they are treated in society

    A person's race affects how they are treated in society. The skin color of a person will be used against them at every turn, a black person will always be seen in a slightly negative light, Asians will always will be looked at slightly more positive and white people will always be seen as the people of privilege. There is no equality unless there is darkness or blindness. Color will always be a defining factor of worth or ability.

  • Absolutely it does.

    Ever notice how most of the motivational speakers in America are white? There's a reason for that, and it's called race privilege. You really can do a lot more if you put your mind to it, like they say, as long as you're white. It's a lot more difficult to be upwardly mobile in society when people cross the street to avoid you or wait for the next elevator simply because you are black, and that happens more often than it does not.

  • Race does should not

    The fact that you think that race doesn't matter shows how in the dark the majority of the american population is. There is still racism issues in the us most are major issues such as law enforcement, or how other white americans treat african americans. The fact is race shouldn't, but does matter because of how others will treat other races I.E. whites treating african americans like they are somehow "Less Human" and don't deserve rights. Stuff like that is totally wrong. The fact is everyone should be treated equal, but sadly isn't. ;(

  • No it doesn't.

    I do not disagree that there is still racism in the United States. However, I disagree that race has any major affects on society. Barack Obama is president. Martin Luther King Jr. Was a revolutionary! There's a lot of reasons people believe there is racism but don't give me that "it's because I'm black" garbage!

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