Does a Person's Race Affect the Likelihood of Him/Her Receiving the Death Penalty?

  • Race increases chance of death penalty, but the crime may also have a factor.

    As sad as it sounds, it does happen. Yet, I also think what the person did may count torward the likehood. For example, if a white man was accused of shooting a black man he may be accused of rasicm and therefore, increasing the chance of the death penalty or length of sentance.

  • No, I Won't Believe It

    But I have to, I never thought about the topic but I realized it's true. Just because I think it's true doesn't mean it is, I really don't like the fact the many problems in the US are blamed on "black" skin color. I mean, really, when has this ever solved problems? In my opinion, it causes problems. I really don't like to believe that it's true, but by now, it's a well known fact.

  • Yes i think it does depend on race.

    Lots of things these days are very stereo type and racial. I think that African American people look at as more trouble. Therefore I do think that it could affect the likelihood of the person receiving death penalty. Think about it, you have probably seen cases on the news of a police officer shooting or harming an African American cause they "look suspicious," even though they have done nothing.

  • I do believe this is the case.

    I am 15 years old, and I am here because I was looking for research on this topic. I never knew how atrocious this was or how delicate racism still is today. I now see how many people still believe that black people should work for the white, while white people bathe in glory and cash. I was reading an article that had statements from the president himself, just a few months ago, regarding this issue. Being he is a black man, he is prone to take the side of yes, but does anyone actually know the real answer? This is a debate that will probably continue nation-wide for a long time and there is probably nothing that can be done to make people change their minds. Some people still live in the past, others are pushing past it to make room for the future.

  • Look at the evidence...

    There is overwhelming evidence that convicts of color are far more likely to receive the death penalty. Even as I look at the opposing argument, someone quotes that "56% of the inmates executed in the United States since 1976 have been white"- Yep, and that is FAR LESS than the statistical representation it should be. Unless you really think people of color just kill people more, this represents a clear failure of the justice system to deal with capital cases fairly.

  • We are discriminatory.

    An article by Eric M. Freedman called 'The Case Against the Death Penalty,' mentions in one section that discrimination in Florida and Georgia shows how higher rates of death penalization occurred to those who were colored. Whites who did crimes didn't receive as many death penalties as those who were colored.

  • Race does affect the judgement

    Whether or not people are willing to accept it, there is a certain amount of judges and lawyers that still favor a race above the other/ degrade a race. Racism is NOT dead, however a decrease has followed in the last 10 years. Abusing power is still a think in today's goverment so yes it can effect a trial.

  • Race Affects Death Penalty

    In rare instances, a person's race can actually increase or decrease their chances of receiving the death penalty. People of color fall to the death penalty far more often than white individuals, which is proven by the last few decades of executions. However, the issue is becoming less of a problem these days as the death penalty is reserved for the most heinous criminals, regardless of color.

  • Race Affects Likelihood of Death Penalty

    Yes, a person's race affects the likelihood that s/he will receive the death penalty. On average, more black people are given the death penalty than are white people. In fact, white people are on death row far less often than people of any race. Thus, a person's race affects the likelihood that s/he will receive the death penalty.

  • No I do not believe this is the case

    No a person's race does not make them more or less likely to receive the death penalty. The things that contribute to the death penalty are the state you commit the crime in and the severity of the crime. Justice does not care about the color of a criminal's skin.

  • Socioeconomic Status Makes Death Penalty More Likely

    Since murders usually happen because of money and/or drugs, the likelihood of a death penalty is moreso for people who come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Rich people don't need to fight for drugs or money since they already have it. First degree murder convictions usually happen to people that are at the end of their ropes and have nowhere else to turn except to kill someone in cold blood for whatever reason.

  • Race has nothing to do with death penalty.

    I think that some ones race has very little to do with the likelihood of them receiving the death penalty. The only way I can see a case for race is that the likelihood of being incarcerated increases with certain skin colors, not that it has anything to do with them intrinsically.

  • A person's race does not affect the likelihood of him/her receiving the death penalty.

    A person's race does not affect the likelihood of him/her receiving the death penalty. I think it should be the person's action that affects him/her receiving the death penalty. I do not think that in court that race should play any role in what the person gets as a penalty.

  • It's a proven fact.

    While I do believe that black men in particular receive harsher prison sentences overall by comparison to whites and Latinos, this is not the case for the death penalty. According to the Death Penalty Information Center 56 percent of the inmates executed in the United States since 1976 have been white.

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