• Yes it does

    Yes because they are most likely to matches

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  • No, it does not.

    Zodiac signs are silly and fun, but they have no real bearing on our lives. It is a made up system that some people came up with in order to sound important, make money, and explain some of the mysteries of the universe. If other people believe in it, that is fine, but it is not real.

  • Don't rely on the Zodiac to save your marriage.

    Anyone who has ever glanced at the newspaper or skimmed over Yahoo's horoscopes for the day knows how incredibly vague they can be. I look at it as entertainment. It's fun to read over sometimes and it passes the time when looking for a time killer at work, but as entertainment, it has no relevance on actual life events. It has nothing to do with your marriage, your personality, or anything else with any meaning, UNLESS you let excessive amounts of time reading horoscopes impact time away from your spouse.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Some marriages are successful because the couples have learnt to accept, adapt or just bear and grin. We know that similarities or dissimilarities could
    attract too. No marriage can claim to be perfect because there could be childhood/upbringing, educational and cultural reasons (e.g. arranged marriage)
    reasons. Astrology offers information and potentially good insights into people's personality traits, which may be non specific and hard to confirm (depends on the author or astrologer).

  • No, a person's zodiac sign does not really impact their marriage.

    No, a person's zodiac sign does not really impact their marriage because zodiac signs are outdated. A person's marriage is determined by two things: the person and his or her significant other. If their relationship is strong, they will live happily. The zodiac sign will not come into play at all.

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