Does a rogue nation have the right to sovereignty?

  • Yes,a rogue nation does have the right to sovereighnty.

    Independence and liberty can be seen as many as a human right.Nobody wants to be oppressed and everyone has the right to seek out their own liberty as they see fit.If they are under the control of a particularly oppressive nation they may have to resort to revolution to achieve their liberty.

  • Rogue nations have rights too.

    I think rogue nations should have the right to sovereignty if there is evidence that the nation has been mistreated or unjustly singled out. Every nation should have the equal chance to prosper and advance their nations objectives. However, rogue nations that promote violence and terrorism, should not have sovereignty.

  • Yes they do.

    I do believe that a rogue nation has a right to sovereignty. That is if enough people within that nation want to be sovereign. If they do then they should be allowed this right. If most people don't want it, then they should be allowed to have it. But yes, they have a right to it.

  • No, you can't take land by demanding it.

    No, a rogue nation does not have a right to sovereignty, because taking someone else's land just because you want it amounts to theft. No group of people can just decide they want to be a country, because there are bound to be some people in the region that do not want the rogue group to have sovereignty.

  • It Really Depends

    A rogue nation is a state that does not respect other states in its international actions. This could mean several different things and could be caused by several different things. Therefore, I do not believe a rogue state should automatically qualify for sovereignty. If they are seeking sovereignty, then it should be considered.

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