• Miserable employees= less productivity

    Think about it this way. If you had a nice boss, who applied discipline when necessary and treated their employees well, would you be more or less productive than if you had a miserable boss that wouldn't let you do anything right and always yelled at their employees making them miserable. A person who is unhappy at their job is less likely to do a good job and get things done on time.

  • Oh most definitely!

    A rotten boss is the worst! It has been scientifically proven that people work under better condition. Good lighting, encouraging managers, thoughtful bosses, and etc. You reap what you sow, and if you are always harping at your employee's and treating them like dirt, you should expect to reap anything but poor production because stress is not helpful.

  • A Boss has a responsibility to be a morale builder as well as a making sure that an employee reaches their potential.

    To run a business the skills of a boss means that he must always listen to his employees concerns which can effect work productivity. A Boss to have maximum efficiency must enable an approachable and friendly environment that encumbers a good work ethic and to ensure that each individual staff member feels like they are a part of the business and have the self belief and aspiration that they can make a difference. The most important values of being a Boss that I have experienced is that everyone is valued and to lead by example and play a part in there work life as well as there private lives depending on there circumstances.

  • Absolutely they do

    If you do not like your boss, feel unappreciated, or simply to not agree with their vision or abilities, you are less likely to produce for them. You don't feel pressure to do your absolute best and go above and beyond because you don't feel like it will be respected.

  • Yes, a boss will get poorer work from employees.

    If a boss isn't very good, the employees may be far less productive. There are various reasons, but two stick out. One is that without clear direction, employees may be confused about what they're expected to do. Another concern with having a poor boss is that employees might be talking about him or her and the problems they're facing, thus also cutting down on productivity.

  • No one wants to work for a rotten boss.

    If a boss is rude to his or her employees, the employees may feel anger or sadness toward their employer, which would cause them to not be working 100% at their job. It can be discouraging if you have a rotten boss. If you don't like your boss, you will be less motivated to do good work for them.

  • This all depends.

    In my many years of being in the workforce, I have had a variety of bosses. Most people want a boss that they consider a friend, unfortunately, this is not very productive. If a boss is too laid back, less gets done, when less gets done, their boss gets on their case. Then, when they try to get their employees to step it up nicely, the message tends to be less important and little is improved. If they get on the backs of their employee, then the employee takes it personal, like a friend who slapped them in the face. If the boss takes the work seriously, they will treat their employees with the same regard. They get more done which makes them and their employees look good. Have you ever been working at what you thought was a good pace, then your boss gets on you about it? Sure, for the most part, you may be a bit ticked off at the boss the rest of the day buy you would also notice this added adrenalin burst has also increased you production greatly.
    Personally, I like to end my workday feeling that I got a lot done. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, that my work matters. To me, a good boss is one that encourages production. In the long run, I don't go to work to make friends but to earn my paycheck.
    Once in a while, I get a "friendly" boss who goes out of their way to try to be "friends". Because I tend to keep bosses and other employees at arms length, they tend to treat the other employees better even though it just encourages laziness. Though you may think that I am only harming myself by doing that, the thing is, your bosses boss is usually someone you rarely meet. If they notice a lack of production, they tend to get rid of the management in charge as well as those who's production has suffered. This is why when I worked for a factory, I saw so many employees and bosses come and go. I even had one boss who, because he took my less friendly work ethic personally, tried to get me fired. Each time he brought his recommendation to his boss, his boss pointed at my production and ended up getting rid of one of the bosses "friends" instead.

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