Does a ton of feathers weigh more than a ton of bricks?

  • Not the same thing anymore

    The word ton has become an overused word, I would say, "I have a ton of work to do." this isn't meant to be taken literally it only means a lot. Therefore a ton of bricks no longer classifies as 2000 pounds but as a lot, maybe 50 bricks, the same goes for feathers, so because ton has become an abstract measurement, it is now plausible to say that there is a difference in weight.

  • Well, depends how you weigh them.

    If you get together enough bricks that should weigh a ton and all the feathers that should weigh a ton, then bricks will take up far less room since they're denser than feathers.

    Therefore, if you piled your ton of bricks onto a weighing scale, the pile would be smaller than the feathers. In particular, the top of the pile of feathers would be further away from the centre of the earth.

    Since the force of gravity drops off with distance from the centre of the earth, the feathers would weigh slightly less than you expected because the feathers at the top of the pile would weigh less. This is true of the bricks at the top of the brick pile, but that pile is not as high, as I've explained, so the difference would be less.

    Therefore, if you actually weighed a ton of feathers and a ton of bricks, you might well find that the ton of bricks weighed more!

  • No it doesn't

    This is a trick question, obviously a "ton" of feathers does not weigh "more" than bricks, but does weigh the same amount because it weighs the same as a ton of bricks.

    BEAT THAT SUCKERS! YOU "WERE" OUT SMARTED BY A 6 YEAR OLD GENIUS ( I say were bucuase by the time you read this, I'll be off my computer and somewhere away from my computer. :3 )

  • Yes it can

    Yes, a long ton of feathers weighs more than a short ton of bricks. I'm really not quite sure how to dig deeper than this. I suppose I could discuss other ton options. I might include a comparison of British tons, but then again that might be spelled tonnes which would probably technically not be a ton in the t-o-n sense of the word.

  • Just for Fun..!!

    - Take a pan and weight one ton of bricks.
    - Now take a spaceship and go to the moon. Also take the second pan with you.
    - Weigh one ton of feathers there.
    - Come back to earth. Put both the pans on the either side of a balancing pan. You will find that the pan with feathers weighs more than the pan with bricks..

    What to do..I'm an Engineer.. ;)

  • Is this even a question?

    The very concept of ton of feather weighs heaver upon my mind than a ton of bricks because that just a block of rocks but those feathers have to come from somewhere and the death of countless animals to produce those feathers is what really weighs upon me that's all

  • No its the same

    They are not different they are the same weight because they both a ton. Just because feathers are lighter don’t mean it can’t weigh the same as anything else. If you believe they are different you are wrong. It’s like which ways more 50 pounds of rocks or 50 pounds of paper

  • Volume and System

    Since a feather weighs less then a brick you will require more of them to make a ton. So when you get the feathers and they are tied together they will take up a larger area. Since the area is so large when you lift the feathers it will feel they are heavier because the air resistance will be higher moving them up. The Bricks will be easier since they are more compact. Of course you still lifting a ton. Of course it also dependa on what system used to decide a pound. For example if you measure the bricks in Troy 12 ounces is a pound compared to avoirdupois where 16 ounces make a pound. So if Bricks in Troy and Feathers in avoirdupois the feathers would be a "ton" heavier

  • Duh guys you dum

    Of course a ton of bricks is gonna weigh more because bricks weigh more than feathers if they are the same ammount then of course bricks gunna wiehg more becasuse thats what bricks do theu is heavy duh like what are you guys thinking it is so simple lol I mean come on

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  • No, of course not.

    Everyone knows bricks are MUCH heavier than feathers. Who doesn't know this? I can't believe this is even a question. Have you ever picked up a brick? Now pick up a feather. Which one is heavier? THERE you go. Just think people please just think, wow. I really can't believe this is a question.

  • NO its not

    This is because the feathers takes more space which includes more air.So the we are actually weighing the feather AND the air. Where as the brick is denser and does not take as much space. That is why i say a ton of bricks weighs more than a ton of feathers.

  • This is a fact

    This is a fact. It is not an opinion, and it is not funny. A ton of feathers has the exact same weight as a ton of bricks. A ton is a ton, regardless of the material. No matter how many tons of feathers would need to equal a tons of bricks, it has the same weight.

  • Guys. Listen to this.

    One ton. Is Equal. To one ton. OMG WUT HOW DID I EVEN?! Who would have thought that a ton is a measure of weight, not a measure of quantity?! WOW!!!!!! This is crazy!!! A ton of bricks weighs the same as a ton of feathers because they are both weighted at one ton!! Who would've thunk it?! I must some sort of freaking Einstein with this knowledge!!
    But seriously, for you dudes who don't understand:
    1 ton = 2,000 pounds = 1 ton

  • The answer is in the question

    Clearly they weigh the same if you read the question again. It says a ton of feathers or a ton of Bricks. They weigh the same because it says they both weigh a ton. Simply put you just have to read the question to find the answer. Boom y'all just got schooled

  • No, a ton of bricks doesn’t weigh more than a ton of feathers.

    No, a ton of bricks doesn’t weigh more than a ton of
    feathers. This is the oldest trick
    question in the book. It actually fooled
    me the very first time I ever heard it when I was a little kid. But, a ton of bricks has the exact same
    weight as a ton of anything else.

  • No its not

    Ok to everyone out there who is confused or said yes one ton of bricks weighs the same as one full ton of feathers so it cant weigh more obviously than a ton of bricks. So to finish my point one standard ton of bricks is the same weight as one standard ton of feathers

  • The question itself contains the answer

    The question defines the weight of both the quantities as exactly one ton.If weighed accurately then obviously they would weigh the same.

    I need to type 50 words, but i can't think of anything for to type.I really think i should type something funny, but now i realise i don't need to do that.

  • No - but the bricks might.

    A ton, used as a measurement of weight, is a precise number. One ton of feathers and one ton of bricks both weight the exact same - one ton.

    However, if you had a ton of feathers and a ton of bricks on some comically large scales, you'll find that the ton of bricks actually has more mass than the ton of feathers. The simplified reason for this is that the bricks weight more in volume, i.E a ton of bricks takes up less space, so air resistance would affect them less than the feathers. If you laid a ton of feathers on a huge scale, they would weigh less than a ton.

  • Learn your units of measurement

    A ton is equivalent to 2,000 pounds, so most of you are saying 2,000 pounds of bricks is heavier than 2,000 pounds of feathers. 2,000 lbs = 2,000 lbs. There isn't anything to discuss. Just because an individual brick is heavier than an individual feather doesn't mean that a ton of each isn't the same thing.

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