• This isn't an opinion, guys. It's a fact.

    Look it up. Pregnant women's breasts begin to grow and enlarge and gain extra tissue. If the baby is just ripped out of the woman's body before the process is done, then the tissue is still left in her breasts. Whether it's a miscarriage or an induced one, it does increase chances of breast cancer. The Western world refuses to acknowledge this or let this be known in the news. It's a cover up, but Asia pretty much has it figured out. Just look up the Bangladesh study. Abortion is just too controversial in the United States for any news network to think of telling us anything.

  • No, there is no scientific explanation for how an abortion would affect the breast tissue.

    Breast cancer is not caused by abortion. Any doctor who says otherwise needs to have their license revoked. This has got to be a scare tactic. There is no connection at all to abortions and breast cancer. There is no scientific explanation for how an abortion would affect the breast tissue. This is pure fiction.

  • There are many causes of cancer.

    To declare that there is only one cause of cancer is to ignore reality. There may be a link between abortions and cancer, but that is not proof. Besides, if abortions caused cancer, then there would not be any men in the world with cancer, and that is not true.

  • Of course not.

    Abortion does not cause breast cancer. The scientific evidence shows that this statement is completely false. Anti-abortion groups try to use this argument to pressure women into giving up their right to choose and to scare them into not having abortions, even if that is what they feel is right.

  • No, studies show it does not.

    Current studies show there is no connection between abortion and breast cancer. There are several factors associated with the likelihood to develop breast cancer, but the termination of a pregnancy is not one of them. The supposed connection is probably brought up as another scare tactic used by people who oppose abortion.

  • Breast Cancer has no distinct correlation to Abortion or Miscarriage.

    Anatomically yes, the stages of which a females breast develops during pregnancy compared to after an abortion would be the "weaning" end stage of development. So, while the breast lactic ducts would have never produced milk such as with the weaning stage of :"drying up". The connection to breast cancer is just a needle in a haystack chance. Personally I am in a genetically generational family of breast cancer. My father died from stage four male breast cancer, and if i ever get diagnosed i would be fourth generation of breast Cancer genes. So if a women get diagnosed with breast cancer and has had an abortion in her life, it just happened by chance. There is no direct connection.

  • Abortion does not cause breast cancer.

    There have been no well designed or scientifically correct tests that confirm that breast cancer is caused by abortions. It's just a scare tactic used by some of the less scientific opponents of any type of abortion. While many things do cause cancer, abortion is definitely not one of them.

  • No, abortion does not specifically cause breast cancer.

    Abortion does not breast cancer. While I am pro-life myself, I don't agree that abortion is the cause. Yes, I do believe that the killing of children is wrong, HOWEVER, I also believe that for people to say that abortion causes breast cancer is wrong.There have been studies showing that there is a 50 percent increased CHANCE of breast cancer, but does that mean that abortion procedures cause this cancer? The answer is no.

    If you are pro-choice, thank you for actually reading this. While I am pro-life myself, I do agree that abortions aren't the cause of everything.

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