• Let's not kill any more kids

    When a murder case is closed, there's a murdered person. This person has been killed. Their life has been ended by another person. It is considered murder. Why is it be any different for a fetus? Why is the murder of a fetus controversial but if the baby was murdered one second after it came out of the womb it would be murder? Where is the line drawn? Let's draw the line where it belongs, where killing a person is murder, no matter how old or developed they are.

  • Abortion is Infanticide

    Death is measured by when someones brain waves stop. Isn't it also reasonable to measure the beginning of life this way? In the words of Randy Alcorn, "What do we call it when a person no longer has a heart beat or brain waves? Death. What should we call it when there is a heartbeat and there are brain waves? Life." A Baby's heart starts beating at day 21 and has brain waves by day 40. I have yet to see a tissue blob (unless you refer to a grown human) have a heartbeat and who is able to think.

  • A confession is a self recognition to an action.

    The Constitutional question. Does abortion describe a confession to a possible crime, is there self-incrimination?. Motive is should not be a public fracture. A choice of words which does not describe a confession could have been signed.
    Such Constitutional wording by use of Separation of church and State. Gender Specific Amputation.

  • Definition says no

    The definition of baby says the following:
    A very young child, especially one newly or recently born.

    it specifically refers to a born child as such it cannot imply to abortion.

    Does abortion kill a living being? Definitely however according to the definition it is not the killing of a baby as it is not recognised as such.

  • A baby or a fetis

    Abortion kills a fetus that much is clear but the question here is when does a fetis become a baby in my opinion that is once the fetus is living one its own. (note I did not say capable of living on its own rather that it is actually at that time living with no other supports from the mother.) so to answer the original question. No abortion doesn't kill a baby, it prevents a baby by killing a fetus.

  • A Zygote/Embryo/Fetus is not a Child

    I don't believe that abortions are a type of infanticide, the act of killing a child within a year of birth, nor is it some sort of murder. Yes, abortion does technically "kill" a fetus or embryo that could potentially grow up to become a person, but I don't consider it the "murder of children."
    This attempted criminalization of abortion, to make it seem more like murder than a procedure to prevent childbirth, sometimes because a mother has to if the mother and/or the child will likely not survive through childbirth. How ridiculous.

  • Embryos are not babies.

    A baby is a living being after it has been born. If the fertilized egg/ zygote/ embryo/ fetus has not left a woman's uterus, it is not a baby. It is a living being and in the last trimester it becomes very close to being a fully grown human being, but it is still not a baby.

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Geogeer says2017-01-13T16:27:35.170
Depends on how narrowly you define the word baby. It definitely kills a human being.