• Yes Abortion is Murder

    The moment the first cell of the human body if formed the human life is started. It makes sense. Those of you are who religious, do you think God wants you to have an abortion. And on the scientific perspective technically a human life is formed at the moment of conception

  • Yes it does

    Even if fetuses are not yet people they eventually will become people. It is ridiculous to argue on exactly when life begins. A fetus will eventually become a person and if you destroy a fetus you take away that persons life. Just think about if you were aborted. You may not have been alive and so you would not technically have been killed but you would never have been able to do any of the things you have done in your life. Think about how different our world would be if some important historical figures had been aborted. Some people say that an aborted fetus is better off dead. They say that they would have been neglected had they been allowed to be born. I would rather live miserably than never get to live at all. Who are we to decide whether or not a person should get to exist?

  • I don't believe in a higher power. But i do believe that a girl has the right to choose what she wants in her life.

    Having a baby is a blessing but also a curse. Some girls simply do not want a baby. They are in control of their life, not you, so why must you focus on her decision? Her uterus, her decision. The fetus has no feelings, it doesn't know whats happening, its a stupid lump of cells. It is nothing. Maybe the girl was raped, maybe if she does get pregnant she could die in childbirth. Maybe its dangerous. Maybe she just doesn't want a baby. Its her choice. Not yours, not the government, not the man who got her pregnant.

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