• Even if fetuses aren't people they eventually will become people

    It is silly to argue about when a fetus becomes a person. Why does it matter whether or not it's heart is beating now if we know that it will eventually beat. Why does it matter whether or not a fetus is alive if eventually it will be a living person. Since fetuses aren't people killing them is not technically murder but by killing them you take away a persons chance to ever experience life. Just think about if your mother had decided to get an abortion. You wouldn't be reading this right now. You would never have done anything since your life was stolen from you before it even started. Technically you were not murdered but isn't that what murder is? Stealing a life. Why does it make a difference whether or not the life has started yet?

    I'm not sure if this is a good way to put it but wouldn't it be worse for me to steal your unopened coke than for me to steal one that you already started drinking?

  • Bit more complex than that.

    Yes abortion does kill a living organism but lets face it so do a lot of other things. Antibiotics kill billions of bacteria living in your gut while lab experiments result in the deaths of countless rodents and primates. Our society clearly does not value life, but instead values the self awareness and consciousness of the organism. For example a court in Argentina, an orangoutang was granted personhood rights due to "her intelligence and complex ways of thinking".

  • Well of course it does.

    Come on people, scientific fact here: there is a living organism present at the time of conception. That's not saying anything about all the good/bad/right/wrong of abortion in the moral realm - science does not pronounce upon morality - but for sure there is a death, and a life ends.

  • Yes it does or it at least takes a potential life

    It takes a life of potential life (depending on your personal opinion on when life begins) away from an innocent baby. It denies that baby the right to life, to at least have a chance in is world, and more often than not the killing of this child could have been avoided.

  • Monty Python's "Every Sperm is Sacred" skit comes to mind

    Yes, abortion does prevent the creation of life. I don't think we should be desperate to create human life in such bountiful terms however. That is, unless we need a steady supply of children to be utilized (bought and sold) for medical experiments as is portrayed in the skit. It is funny that this song/movie came out 40 years ago, and yet so many of us are still pumping out the babies in the name of religion and reproductive rights.

  • There is no guarantee the embryo wouldn't have die anyways.

    Spontaneous abortion is a thing. There is no guarantee of life. For any of us really since any one of us could die tomorrow. Really you could just as easily say that not trying to procreate constantly is denying potential babies there life. Some might disagree with this logic, but it seems solid to me.

  • It really doesn't

    A fetus at the time abortion is still legal is not developed enough to comprehend its own existence, it has no cognitive faculties whatsoever, therefor it can't think of itself as living, we often use self awareness as a determinate of whether or not it is morally just to kill something, since it has absolutely no sense of self awareness, it would be no more morally complex than killing a rat in a trap, or stepping on a bug. The argument that it would've lived doesn't hold water either because first of all, not all fetuses live past birth, second of all, if they mother was certain they had to abort it, they would've found a way legal or not, clinics provide a safe way to have a pregnancy terminated.

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Donderpants says2015-07-14T07:20:32.063
I've seen so many of these I can't be bothered to type up yet another response to this one.
MegadethRocks44 says2015-07-14T19:33:10.597
It is an important issue.
You can just copy and paste one of your old responses if you don't feel like writing a new one.
Donderpants says2015-07-15T00:04:02.137
Look up one of the countless ones before this one. You can already tell what people think. Or better yet, go to the Big Issues section.

My opinion would be "Yes" by the way. I actually argued that abortion takes away a life earlier, I'll see if I can find it.