• Abraham lincoln got too much credit he was and still is a cunt. He was an arrogant bastard he cost the life of many people.

    He caused more problems than good. He didn't care about the slaves he cared about saving the union and freeing the slaves was simply a by-product. Even slaves weren't freed in all of the states the civil war could have been avoided now someone tell me slavery wasn't really dealt with

  • For tearing our Country Apart

    How can we owner a guy who started a war to kill 600,000 Americans North and South, He jailed Maryland legislatures to stop secession, and didn't care about slavery. He only cared about Union and saving it not freeing the slaves. That's why states like Delaware and Kentucky kept there slaves. Sorry if i sound harsh but I rather celebrate Obama on President's Day and burn all the history books the say he was the "Protector of the black men and god of the freedman" THE SOUTH WAS RIGHT ABE WAS WRONG

  • Yes, no one ever talks about the terrible things he did, only the good things.

    Abraham Lincoln appears across many cartoons, movies, and other forms of entertainment and media as a very good person, with terms such as "Honest Abe" being used frequently. But there are many horrible things he did during his presidency. He suspended Habeas Corpus and infringed on many rights of the people, even ignoring other branches of the government to do it along the way.

  • Read the History Books

    Lincoln was the beginning of the end for States rights. Many people do not like to hear the facts. The Civil War could have been avoided if the federal government, with Lincoln at the helm, would not have been so over reaching. The States that seceded from the union had every right to do so. People want to believe the Civil War was about slavery, that is the history we are told. The question I always ask when someone makes that statement is why didn't Lincoln free the slaves in 1863 when the Civil War began? Read the history of the era. Lincoln trampled all over the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He gets too much credit.

  • President Lincoln was without a doubt one of the best men who ever lived.

    I noticed that all of the cowards who tried to demonize President Lincoln forgot to leave there names. Show me one person who can say anything bad about the man who SAVED our great nation, and leave there ungrateful, pathetic little name below it. I promise, not one proud American could or would do it.

  • President Lincoln doesn't get enough credit for doing the right thing.

    He had a moral mandate to do the right thing for America, not just for the slaves. Often times, a brave person has to do the right thing, for the right reason, and sometimes to the wrong thing for the right reason. That, in a nut shell, it why Lincoln will always be remembered by the masses as the man that freed the slaves. America became a more perfect union.

  • No, he doesn't get enough credit.

    He led our country during it's most troubled time, and he did it well. In addition to all the pressures of being president during a civil war, he also battled depression that was almost debilitating at times, with no option for treatment or medication to help him cope. He was a remarkable man and a remarkable president.

  • Lincoln Gets The Right Amount of Credit

    Abraham Lincoln gets the right amount of credit. He is one of the best Presidents that this country has ever had. Lincoln is a big reason our country is run the way it is today. He had a large role in preserving the Union during the Civil War and had a hand in the Emancipation Proclamation.

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