Does accepting illegal refugees in the US justifiably place moral law above legal law?

  • It is humane.

    Yes, accepting illegal refugees in the US justifiably places moral law above legal law, because we should not be sending people back to countries where they are most certainly going to be killed. It is better to allow them to stay, even if we would not have welcomed them here otherwise.

  • It does not justify the placement.However, moral law is now above legal law.

    Every day many more illegal refugees are trekking into this country.The refugees are living, illegally,without any documentation.If they commit a crim there is almost no way to trace that.If they commit and bad toward society there is no way to make them adhere to legal law.In my belief, allowing illegals into the US puts the moral law above any legal law wehave established because ot alllows people to enter the country and operate illegally.

  • There are ways for people to immigrate legally.

    If someone is going to be killed it is one thing, but there are laws in place that allow people to immigrate legally. The U.S. is known for allowing immigrants, but it should be done the legal way. Illegal immigrants should be taxed or fined and given a short period of time to immigrate legally and if they don't they should be deported.

  • It Really Depends

    I believe accepting illegal refugees in the US can come with many different variances and it really depends on the facts involved as to rather or not it places moral law about legal law. There are obviously circumstances where moral law is above legal law, but many times the morals of a situation have little to do with the action. We could say that Russia offered Snowden asylum based on moral reasoning and went above the legal law, but it is doubtful that is the reason Russia decided to allow Snowden in.

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