Does access to condoms lead to irresponsible, dangerous, or bad behavior? 

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  • Teens with access to condoms? Not good.

    A teenage kid in general always has the temptation to try new things. Sex being one of the major temptations. However the one thing that usually keeps them back from participating in sexual intercourse is the lack of access to condoms. Which, sure that is responsible.
    However, if given access to condoms, they would think that nothing bad could happen, therefore this would lead to them more than likely getting into sexual relations with multiple parties without thinking twice about it.
    That very situation, is why condom access could lead to irresponsible or bad behavior.

  • Teenagers and young people don't know everything.

    Condom access is a BAD IDEA for under aged kids. Just like drinking, they have the peer pressure all around them. Kids make it seem so harmless yet when given the opportunity to try it, they jump at the chance if they have get out of jail free card, which in this case would be a condom. Usually they are never informed or just never worry about the cons of the whole ordeal as long as they think that they're going to just do something that their friends are doing and fit in with the majority crowd. Does that really seem responsible? No.

  • It gives people the the wrong ideas.

    At a young age, many people think that if you have a condom, nothing can happen. Even to the point that they use a condom once, nothing happens, and they automatically think that they're always going to have the protection of a condom, which really isn't the case at all. They usually think of the possibility that the condom could break at any time. So with them thinking that they have nothing to worry about, they don't give it a second thought, which is in fact irresponsible and bad behavior.

  • It gives people the the wrong ideas.

    Having access to condoms now in days is not that good of an idea. Young boys think that just because they use a condom they can have sexual intercourse with anyone they desire. Not thinking of the cons that may come if anything went wrong. Yes it is safer but doesn't prevent everything all the time!

  • Teenagers and young people especially

    Yes, it does lead to bad behaviour becuase the teens will take this opportunity for granted, it also puts gp's under pressure to give condoms to people who they know are having underage sex. I think condoms should not be given out unless the person has id and can confirm their age.

  • Condoms are good good goooood

    Condoms are obviously not bad and who ever thinks they are are just retarded fuck bois. Without condoms we would have way more teen pregnancy and probably suicide, or even attempted abortion. Plus they feel pretty good on the old penis, not to sounds funny but it kinda is lol..

  • It promotes being safe not always having sex

    Giving teens access to condoms promotes to them that there ARE diseases out there to be leery about if they do decide to ever take the risk of having sex. Just because they have access to condoms does not mean they are going to go out and have sex. There are many factors on whether a teen will have sex or not.... Religion, education, understanding the consequences...Ect. Just having access to condoms will not be the dictator of irresponsible or dangerous behavior.

  • Providing contraceptives will lower dangerous behavior

    Humans are innately sexual. Whether or nor condoms are provided to younger teens, the idea of sex will be on their mind all of the time. It makes sense to me that providing abstinence only education is irresponsible. It is like putting a teen in a room with a loaded gun and telling them not to touch it. Providing them with contraceptives will lower the risk of teen pregnancy and the passing around of sexual diseases.

  • Safer sex is just that, safer.

    Sex isn't irresponsible, dangerous or bad unless it's being done irresponsibly, dangerously, or badly. The fact of the matter is that condoms prevent disease and prevent pregnancy. The further fact of the matter is that sex is done recreationally most of the time. Putting moral judgments on condoms will not change this.

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