• Stop pretending teens do not have sex, and instead provide access to birth control!

    Although parents do not like to admit it, teens everywhere are having sexual relations. Parents try their best to raise children: to teach them right and wrong, and the difference between appropriate behavior and inappropriate behavior. However, teenage sexual relations have little to do with parents, and much more to do with teenage culture and pressures from peers. The world of teenagers is governed by different norms and 'rules' than that of parents or mixed groups. Within the teenage group, it is normal to be rebellious and to want to explore things that seem exciting, grown up, or 'cool'. Sex is, and will always be, one of these things. Since the desire to explore sex is a given, the best thing we can do is to provide teens with access to birth control, including condoms. With this, a considerable amount of teenage pregnancy can be prevented, although unfortunately not all.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • Yes, access to condoms helps prevent teen pregnancy, because it makes it easier for teens to choose safe sex.

    I believe that teens should have access to comprehensive sex education and methods of contraception, like condoms, because it allows them to make informed choices about sex. Studies have shown that many teens are going to have sex, whether they have the necessary information and access to contraception or not. Providing them access to condoms just makes it more likely that, when they do choose to have sex, it will be safer sex.

    Posted by: RattyJame80
  • Access to condoms most certainly helps prevent teen pregnancy, just the same as preventing adult pregnancies, because that is what they are made for.

    If you can guarantee one thing, it's that teens will usually do what they want, and that includes sex. It's an age where sex is thought about more on a daily basis than any other time in life. Expecting them to be abstinent is absolutely ridiculous. Right-wing Christian fundamentalists seem to forget what it was like to be a teenager. So rather than expecting the impossible, I say let's give them the tools to at least perform sexual activity safely.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Yes I agree, if teens had better access to condoms I believe the pregnancy rate would go down.

    I was a teenager not that long ago myself. I was embarrassed to go in the store to purchase condoms and/or didn't have the money to purchase condoms. I feel as though if it's more readily accessible then more teens would pick them up instead of having unprotected sex. This study has been done many times and it is proven in most cases, that the teen pregnancy rate drops.

    Posted by: decadestcg
  • Yes, having access to condoms help prevent teen pregnancy, because they make sure that even if the teens have sex, they do not have to have a baby.

    Unprotected sex has a chance of causing pregnancy. And once a teenager experiences their first bout of sex, they are unlikely to stop. So it would only be a matter of time before the unprotected sex caused a pregnancy. The moral and religious stigmas that used to be in place to guilt teens into not having sex are no longer as strong, and teens are going to have sex. It is just a matter of if they will be protected and safe, or unprotected and risking more than just an unwanted pregnancy.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • People have to understand that not all teens are going to act innocent and understand that sex is not okay at a young age.

    Sex is part of life. Yes, It's a human instinct and we've all been curious at a young age whether you actually did anything or not. Yes, Condoms can break, Yes birth control may not be the best but people need to understand that it's better to be safe than sorry. My mom was pregnant with me at the age of 16 and had me at the age of 17. She didn't know anything about protection. Sex was a sin in her household and all she was told to do was to close her legs. TEENS ARE CURIOUS! When you tell them not to do something, They're going to do it unless you mentor them the right way. I'm not saying to hand out condoms out and motivate a teen to go have sex but communication is key. It may prevent a young teen from getting pregnant and struggling at such a young age.

  • Access to condoms does prevent teen pregnancy

    If teens had better access to condoms then they would buy more in order to prevent becoming a parent. At least it would for the smart ones . I know i would buy more if they were cheaper just to have them, and im sure many other teens would buy them too

  • Condoms for all (literally)

    One of the main things I saw while browsing the no side was "it is up to the guy" but it shouldn't have to be and doesn't have to be. Female condoms are also a thing and if the guy isn't comfortable or doesn't want to wear a condom, but the girl does, they can. Because, in the end, it is really her choice to make.

  • It does help

    I am a 15 year old boy who got his 14 year old girlfriend pregnant because I could not go to any store and buy a condom or birth control pills because they claim I am too young. If I was allowed to buy a condom I wouldn't have been kicked out and would have a home and my girlfriend would still be loved by her parents.

    Posted by: JxM
  • I think condoms can save teens from many pregnancies.

    Yes you can save yourself from STD anything kind of disease. You choose wisely what to do you can't stop teens from having sex simply as that. We like to experience this crazy wild thing that everyone cant wait for in life. I would rather be safe then sorry and if you have the chance to wear a condom be safe and do it.

  • It doesn't help!

    Because if you know sex you can't prevent yourself about the use of condoms, may change your mind and have sex. The more you get access to condoms the more sexually active you will be. Don't experience sex until you get married and prevent using condoms. Keep yourself away from condoms!

  • No it won't

    I don't think that the access to condoms prevents teen pregnancy. This is because teens don't care or think about it when they are in the moment. Most teens are also way to embarrassed or scared to talk to their parents about sex and especially when it comes to asking for condoms. I think that the safest way to not get pregnant is to not have sex. You can use whatever type of condom that you want but it is not 100% for sure that you won't get pregnant you eventually will so just do not have sex.

  • Condoms Can Break!

    Birth Control and Condoms aren't the best way to go if you are choosing to have sex because a condom can easily break. Then you can depend on birth control... And even with birth control you can still get pregnant.. No sex is the best way to go, however you will get curious and you will want to have sex...

  • "We Just Don't Want Jenny Pregnant" Teenage Issues of Sex, Relationships, and Psychology

    I am very pro choice AND pro sex ed but I do not believe that handling out free condoms (which I DO support) would guarantee usage. Sex is more than just the act...There are way too many other issues that we as a society have to deal with; like teenagers making unprotected sex sound romantic, that it's ok to go with the "spur of the moment", that having a baby solves issues, proves you love the person, etc.
    Why are we still having high teenage pregnancy in the 21st century? Because neither side of the argument deal with the psychological issues surrounding sex; we just don't want Jenny pregnant. We don't correlate sex with self-esteem or peer pressure and we need to otherwise we will continue to have these problems. We need to invest in classes that not only deal with condoms, but why people have sex in the first place. Our schools need real counselors or access to counselors where girls and boys can discuss their sexual issues without judgement or cost. Teenagers will have sex, but without the psychological support they need in general, Jenny will still get pregnant.

    I do not blame liberals or conservatives.

  • No...just no..

    I had to break what was at this time a 50-50 argument. Of course this won't "prevent teenage pregnancy" because there will always be teens who get pregnant...there will always be that one teenage guy that gets a teenage girl pregnant. That will never stop. SO yes, condoms should be readily available...but teens will be teens no matter what you give them.

  • Not really.

    It's not like condoms are hard to pick up, so pretty much everyone has access to them unless you live in the middle of nowhere in a small town of fundamentalist Christians who would sooner have you neutered than using birth control. When you have condoms, you either don't use them or you use them as an excuse to have way too much sex, and eventually you end up pregnant anyway.

  • access to condoms does not prevent teenage pgregancy at all.

    access to condoms may not necessarily prevent teenage pregnancy in a sense that it is up to the partners:boy or girl or both on whether or not they use protection and at times there may be incidents where the condom may break when having sexual intercourse! The girl may feel pressure from her partner and not want to use protection.

    Posted by: n0si
  • no, though i do believe they should be readily availiable

    obviously not. all too many times i have heard some foolish teen talk about why he likes to go in bareback. he list some ill concieved justifications for his actions and soon after he joins the ranks of teen fathers. the problem is that teenagers are impulsive and lack the ability to understand longterm effects.

  • access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy

    They don't protect against teen pregnancy, Some condoms don't always protect it. If ur seriously worried about getting pregnante then get a chasity belt. But wear a condom to stay safe. Dont become a mommy or a daddy.

  • Access to condoms does not prevent teen pregnancy, and a whole new attitude towards young role models will have more of an impact.

    Access to condoms might help prevent a few instances of teen pregnancy, but for better impact, I believe the role of young women on television should be considered. Young women see singers and actresses dressed like "ladies of the night", dancing half naked, using very suggestive moves. That example is followed by younger girls in their hometown, at parties, in the malls, without them fully understanding that what they see on TV is just an act. Teens need to understand the dignity and sanctity of their own body, and in doing so, they will think twice before going to bed and finding themselves pregnant.

    Posted by: NWinters

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Anonymous says2013-04-29T17:33:56.603
Having sex is a natural thing. Condoms are there to help people not get pregnant if that's what they're looking for. If you do want to get pregnant, don't use a condom. Simple