Does access to safe and legal abortions protect women?

  • Safe and legal abortions save lives

    During the time that abortion was illegal many women were still receiving abortions. These illegal abortions resulted in many preventable deaths because the medical practitioner was not licensed to perform the procedure or simply because equipment was not sterilized properly. The suicide rates for women with unwanted pregnancies (resulting in the death of both mother and fetus) is monumentally larger than the rate for women post abortion. Based on this fact you can assume being forced to carry out an unwanted pregnancy has far worse effects on mental health than the termination of a pregnancy. There are countless horror stories to be found online where a woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy has been sexually assaulted or subject to cruel treatment by pro life parties, these are both examples of how a woman's mental health is in danger should abortions be illegal. Women and young girls have killed their babies after giving birth out of desperation because they did not want the child. Making abortions legal forces it to be regulated with women's safety in mind and it prevents the deaths of women and infants. Obviously having save and legal abortions is safer women and even children.

  • Legal abortions help women and children

    Safe and legal abortions are a huge benefit to the health of women everywhere. There are sometimes huge health risks associated with a pregnancy, and these can outweigh the "costs" of the abortion. If the mother and the child are likely to die during childbirth, but the mother can live with an abortion, that is the correct choice. In addition to this, abortions can protect the mental health of the woman, and possibly the child, if it was conceived in a manner involving sexual assault.

  • Abortion is a necessity

    Pregnancy causes devastating damage to a woman's body and only pregnancies that are 100% planned and 100% wanted should be carried to term. Women who fall victim to unwanted pregnancies are often trapped into a constant downward spiral to poverty. Unwanted pregnancies ruin lives and educations. Forced pregnancy is the ultimate form of oppression.

  • Legal abortions regulate abortion and protect women.

    Safe and legal abortions protect women, because making abortion illegal will not end abortion. It will only make things worse for women and put them in great danger if they have to find illegal means to have an abortion.

    Legal abortions are regulated by the government and and clinics and doctors have to meet certain requirements to operate a practice. This is with the best interest of women in mind.

    Abortions will exist, whether illegal or legal. The safest way for women, however, is legal.

  • Safe access to Legal Abortions is a Plus for Women

    Since safe access to legal abortions has been available to women there has been a large decrease in fatalities involving mother and infant. Whether one is for or against abortions seems they would have to admit this is the case. In the past too many unfortunate incidents have occurred. The issue is whether the safe way is always the chosen way for some women.

  • No, it does not.

    Nothing can prepare a woman for having an abortion aside from an open dialogue about it. Are women physically safer? Yes. Are they emotionally safer? No. Clinics need to consider the mental well-being of the woman and take this into account when performing these procedures, especially if it was a result of rape, incest, etc.

  • No, I don't believe this is true

    Doctors do not warn women having abortions of the well-documented psychological and emotional effects of having an abortion. Many MANY women are coerced and are not supported against the coercers.
    Abortion has its place and if it's truly what the woman wants/needs, yes, it should be legal. But too often it's not that at all - and the medical profession takes little care to ensure that the abortion is really what this woman wants. Afterwards, when she is in extreme emotional pain, they take little to no notice or care either.
    Abortion is a medical procedure and should be taken very seriously. There are too many clinics that focus solely on abortion and that is where their income comes from. It's wrong.

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