• More goods for less.

    Yes, access to Wal-Mart improves our health, because it is an easy way to get the things that we need for low costs. By saving money, we can spend money on things that are good for our health, like fresh food. We have more money to spend on recreation. Wal-Mart helps us buy the things we need for our health.

  • Yes and no.

    Access to Wal-Mart does have the potential to improve our health. This is because many people would not be able to afford good food without Wal-Mart's low prices. The kicker is that this food has to be healthy and not a cart full of Doritos and soda pop. Also prescriptions cost less there too!

  • Wal Mart can improve what you want it to.

    Many people enjoy hating on Wal Mart simply because they are the biggest corporation that most people know about. The fact is they are popular for a reason. They offer affordable products and accessibility to certain things that some people otherwise cannot afford. Because of this I believe it is possible to improve our health through them.

  • Access to a retailer does not improve health.

    Access to Wal-Mart, or any retailer, does not improve health. It simply provides convenience of consumption. Improvement of health is reliant upon maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regiment as well as engaging in hobbies and regular outdoor activities. In fact, too much access to Wal-Mart can actually worsen a person's health if that access is being used to indulge unhealthy practices.

  • Wal-Mart Does Not Improve Health

    No, having access to Wal-Mart does not improve the health of the average citizen. Wal-Mart mass purchases processed products and foods. The health detriments of processed products and foods are widely documented and known. Since Wal-Mart mass purchases these items, it turns around and sells them cheaply to the consumer, which has a negative effect on consumer health.

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