• Acupuncture cured my morning sickness at 24 weeks.

    I had all day nausea, food aversion, lack of appetite through week 24 of pregnancy. Out of desperation I decided to try acupuncture for relief. I had 1 session where around 9 needles were placed in me (wrists, ankles, behind the knees, ear, stomach). Something warm was placed on my back for 10 minutes, then I laid their for an hour with the needles. When the needles were removed I was extremely tired. I was told I should take a nap, so I went home took a nap. No relief from morning sickness symptoms that evening, so I had a couple bites for dinner, went to bed, woke up the next morning & like a miracle from the second I opened my eyes no immediate nausea. My food aversions seemed to vanish as well. I would say my nausea is about 90% gone, which has given me a quality of life back. I was told 1 to 2 treatments would be all I need. Looks like I'm good at 1. I was also told she does not have as much success relieving symptoms during first trimester, which is usually only temporary relief if any at all. However, later in the pregnancy it cured me! I wish I'd tried it months earlier.

  • Yes I do think acupuncture works.

    I have think too often that "western medicine" discounts practices that are centuries older. I'm not saying that we should do one over the other, but instead a combined approach as more and more doctors and patients are starting to do. Current research often shows that patients responds better to acupuncture than that of a placebo. Here is a link to an abstract of one article.
    Now as the article says not all things can be treated with acupuncture, but it some conditions may benefit from it.

  • Yes, acupuncture can have healing effects and work

    I do believe that acupuncture does in fact work and can help patients alleviate pain. Even though western medicine may not proclaim the effects of acupuncture like other cultures, I believe that when done correctly acupuncture has been proven to work in other cultures. Evidence suggests that when administered correctly by a professional acupuncturist, it can help those improve their lives and have a relaxing feeling.

  • I do believe acupuncture works, despite skepticism in western society.

    Yes, although western medicine has decided to take a the route of what chemicals and surgery can do to better the body it has been noted for centuries that more holistic approaches have had a great margin of success when it came to relieving many of the same ailments that chemical medications are now commonly used to treat, such as the flu, tooth aches, body aches, etc. whether it is a placebo or genuine reaction to the treatment is yet to be determined but its affects can be measured by the patients.

  • There Is No Evidence acupuncture works.

    Whenever anyone claims that acupuncture works they are always talking about their own anecdotal experience or talking about a friend of a friend who had it done. There are no serious scientific or medical studies that show real proof that it has any positive results. It is all nothing more than a placebo effect.

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