Does advanced technology ruin job vacancies?

Asked by: Mz99
  • I do think it does

    We live in the world where technology is developing rapidly. If you compare today's era and hundred years ago, there are a lot of difference in job vacancies. Gradually, jobs like cashier, driver, cooks, manager, etc will soon gone due to automation. We now have driverless cars, automatic food machines, artificial robots, that help human jobs. Hundred years later, you probably can imagine that there are no other job exist beside computer engineer or programmers.

    Posted by: Mz99
  • It creates jobs

    The fear that automation and other advanced technology is going to undermine the job market has been present for a long time - just watch the Twilight Zone. Well I bring good news... It's irrational. 140 years of data in America has shown us that new technology has created more jobs than replaced them. New technology opens doors to even more job opportunities. Look at the vastly expanding STEM fields one can research!

    Will more automation decrease the need for some jobs? Of course! Take agriculture for instance, where because work has become so efficent, we don't need 90% of the population on a farm. But the more technology we create the more it shows us how much to learn, creating an interest for more advanced careers.

    I'll save the AI issue for others to debate, but I don't think machines can replace the various capabilities and reasoning skills of a human. There will always be jobs that need us, not machines.

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