• Advertising has no effect on quality of life

    Advertising is an important part of society, it allows businesses to send their message to people and impact them. Although advertisements are certainly overdone, it would be unfair to say that they directly effect your quality of life. They can only effect your quality of life if you are a weak person and let them effect you negatively.

  • Too Distracting

    When a young woman sees a billboard of a beautiful model who is pencil thin, what message does that tell our children? When hot girls have beer in their hands and two nerdy studs come up and get a date, what does that tell teenage boys? We need real role models, not advertisements, to influence our kids.

  • So much of it nowadays.

    I believe that there is so much advertising now that it degrades the quality of life. Billboards and signs are everywhere, tv programs are full of ads, you can't use the internet without seeing ad banners and popups, and so on. You can't watch a Youtube video without sitting through a commercial, just like watching tv. The amount of ads the average person is subjected to on a daily basis is just out of hand.

  • No advertising is part of capitalism

    Advertising does not degrade quality of life. If anything it improves quality of life in America. Yes many of us view it as annoying and misleading but at the core of it advertising helps to drive the US economy and make life better and richer for all of us to enjoy.

  • Advertising funds a variety of services

    Although no one really likes advertisements, they do serve a purpose. Advertisements provide crucial income to newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio, television, etc, without which would make these services much more expensive for consumers, or simply drive them out of business. A minor annoyance is a small price to pay for free or affordable information and entertainment.

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