Does affirmative action do more harm than good?

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  • Affirmative action is racist to whites and caucasians

    My dad is an electrical worker who currently works at Conoco Phillips. He told me a story of how years ago, he was denied a job because he was white. "After interviewing me and my workers-to-be, the man came back to us. After pulling me aside, He told me to my face that I was the most competent and experienced worker of the four of us, but that he couldn't hire me because they didn't have enough 'minority workers' to fill the legal quota. So they had to hire the black man instead of me. Granted he was also very responsible and competent, but I was unemployed for two years after that.

  • Often it can.

    Affirmative action results in action and action can be remarkably damaging. I urge everybody to think of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Who were all about non-violent protest.

    MLK said "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

    Gandhi famously said "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."

    Violent revolution is so dangerous to both sides.

  • Always hard to talk about this "politically correctly"

    There was a time and place for Affirmative Action and it was a great equalizer in bringing us to where we are today.. And yes there are still pockets of places where it is helpful in continuing to cultivate a society of equal rights for women and minorities. But in the VAST MAJORITY of fields and business structures of modern America affirmative action has become a hindrance and has crossed the line of its intentions. Racism comes in many forms and will be a cultural problem for time to come when the media continues to promote race and class warfare. Our problem is that by continuing to enforce Affirmative Action in EVERY area of our society- this fosters the notion that minorities need the government to keep them safe from the "white majority" that tries to keep them down and the "well he got in because he's black" resentment that continues to PROMOTE our differences and keeps us stagnant in the race debate. This is one of those conversations that we can have philosophical debates on all day long.... But in the ACTUAL REAL WORLD- it is a REAL problem for qualified people being able to move up the business ladder and less qualified people being promoted faster and farther so that that company can meet its numbers on affirmative action regulations. The same goes with school options and college admission... This is the real world issue with enforcing Affirmative Action laws in 2013, that were created in the very difference social structure we had in the 60's. The times they are a changin'- we gotta change with them or we can not move forward.

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  • Minorities are seemed as less brilliant minded

    Lowering the scores for minority students are letting everyone else know that they chose them not because of their scores but just because of their race/color/sex. Later on, those minorities were not qualified to be in college and they end up dropping out or not graduating. The college status even could go downwards.

  • Yes, it does harm.

    The fact is, whenever the government attempts to help one group of people, it usually ends up hurting that same group. If a minority has the skills required for a certain job then the affirmative action law does no good. However, if he is unqualified for the position the affirmative action hurts the company hiring the individual.

  • What about Asians in leveling the playing field?

    The worst of the worst racial disadvantage is towards Asians, not Hispanics nor black. Historically, Asians faced as much, if not more, discrimination and disadvantage as Blacks or Hispanics. Affirmative action does not level the playing field for all disadvantaged students, it gives unfair advantages to few select groups. Asians, because of affirmative action, are expected to score higher points on standardized test and higher GPA, despite racial disadvantages comparable to that of Blacks and Hispanics.
    Many peer-review studies show that affirmative action hurts the underrepresented minorities not help them. Many students, who are selected through affirmative action, face negative consequences in academics. They get lower GPA, higher drop-out rate, and give up rigorous majors like science and engineering, despite initial interest.

  • Leveling the playing field.

    Many people believe that Affirmative Action is just simply a legal way of discriminate against the majority or white people. What people don't understand about the whole Affirmative action is that it is simply a way of leveling the playing field. There are many Caucasian American who were and still are given advantages simply based on the color of their skin and not because of their skill or merit.

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