• Yes, Africa needs all the help they can get.

    Foriegn aid offers much help in keeping a stable community and giving food and supplies for everyone suffering. Africa suffers from lack of supplies, education, food, safety, and shelter. This is a poor place to live and the people suffer from many diseases. Medical help is needed for babies and pregnant women. Law enforcement is needed to keep the people safe.

  • Yes, Africa needs aid

    Africa needs a lot more foreign aid. And this isn't just food we're talking about. They need shelter, clean drinking water, more medicines and vaccines. Parts of Africa still have polio, which was eradicated in the west decades ago. The entire world needs to help Africa right now. They're in dire straits.

  • Africa needs to grow from within.

    Africa does not need more foreign aid. This is because they need to create a good economy on their own with their own leaders and citizens. They will never learn how to stand on their own if others are constantly sending money to them or trying to rescue them from their own repeated problems.

  • No, Africa does not need more foreign aid

    I believe that we should go back to the old ways and let the strong survive and the weak will weed themselves out. Today's society is so focused on helping other nations and peoples that we forget to help ourselves. We have our own problems in this county and we don't need to keep spending and helping others.

  • More Varied Support

    I do not believe Africa needs more foreign aid, I believe they need more varied support. I believe the United States would be far better off offering directed support for specific needs on the continent rather than sending out financial support. I believe more organizations and people need to get involved as well.

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