Does African American culture prevent them from being accepted in society in America?

Asked by: hotshotsmith1
  • As a black american. . .

    I think so. Our culture is not as structured as Europeans. Not as boring eiather. I feel what we define as ok, Europeans consider low grade. I just don't feel these two culture are meant to collide, They never have gotten along unless one submitted to the will of the other culture.

  • With the cards they have been dealt, They can chose to deal with what they are given or complain.

    Why are so many blacks not graduating high school? Why is 13% of the population responsible for 50% of the murder? Why are blacks shooting each other in significantly higher rates than whites are shooting each other. Why is the % of blacks in prison so high, Not for being pulled into a prison for something innocent but for something that they were proven to have done? Why has the single motherhood rates gone from 20% to over 70% during the progression of the civil rights? Is america more racist now than it was before and if so, How. What bills/laws limit what black people can do? If you show me something racist like the cop unloading his magazine on a kid, Then i will call it racism because it was. Give me something the government does and something the people do that keeps them from being successful.

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  • Excluding other factors, Culture is all that is left.

    Statistics show that black immigrants in the U. S. Earn 30% more than U. S. Born blacks. This indicates that the reason for African American under-performance is neither societal or racial. The cultural difference is that black immigrants look upon the U. S. As a land of opportunity, A place they can work and prosper. Black people born in the U. S. Are taught that they are victims who were brought here as slaves and are owed reparations. This cultural mindset holds many black Americans back.

  • Black culture is scaring away people of all colors

    The current black culture had people killed, Tupac and X are the best examples for this, I'm not saying black people are bad, Its just the current "black culture" is so toxic and pressurizing, Is a marvel how we are talking about "toxic masculinity" because it is possibly a cause of the suicide rate, And yet we ignore toxic black culture, Where blacks are even dying just because they didn't like a song.

  • Cultural deficiencies can be overcome, Genetic ones are more difficult

    Many terrible things have happened to african americans over the years, And discrimination still exists. But worse than this is the african americans communities tendencies to make excuses for its own bad behavior, Blaming it all of how white people treat them or on the fact that white people don't help them enough. This is a perfect recipe for disaster, Requiring no effort on African Americans to emphasize self improvement waiting to be taken care up or compensated, And this laziness just makes things worse. Of course this problem is not representative of all blacks or even most, I think the majority of african americans try really had to make better lives for themselves, But they are dragged down by a criminal element among their own numbers, Jealous of any black person that has climbed out of the ghetto through their own efforts and there are many, And would be many more, If they were not dragged down back into the gutter, By the toxic aspects of a culture created around the idea that someone owes you something. People should help the truly needy, But if you can make your own way, Stop putting your hand out. . It would be easier to help those on the bottom if theyd actually make some effort to lift themselves up instead of trying to drag the many members of the black community trying and succceeding back into the gutter

  • Its not their culture. Its their color.

    Sure, I wouldn't be friends with any white person who acts like a black person does. But the way African Americans act is overshadowed by the even worse fact that their skin is literally the color of human shit. So, Are African Americans shunned by society? Yes. Is it because of their culture? No, It is their color. Is this bad? No, This is a good thing.

  • What a stupid question.

    An American is an American regardless of their skin tone or the original location of their ancestors. Therefore "African Americans" are part of American society whether arrogant light skinned people like it or not.
    The USA is a young nation founded on immigration and multi-culturalism and sadly racism is still prevalent there. And with equal sadness it has to be said that the light skinned variety are probably the worse racists of the lot.

  • It's the majorities fault

    Regardless of what is taught as a culture. The burden of acceptance always falls on the majority because they usually hold the power. A majority Caucasian America shouldn't be prejudicial towards the entire African American culture just because it is a different culture. They should embrace and accept the diversity as diversity breeds creativeness amongst teams.


    African Americans were destroyed by us during the triangle trade group. The country was built on immigration and different ethnic groups. The country should not be discriminating its people now. That is just the most absurd thing I have ever heard. The fact that this poll is 50 - 50 just dissapoints me.

  • It is unfair

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  • First define African-American culture.

    What exactly is it they're responsible for, When so called "African-Americans" have no culture? Even the term "African-American" is a corporate designation with no tie to history or customs of those whom it designates. One can argue that the problems faced among so called blacks is due to their having no real culture; thus having no code of ethics by which to abide.

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