• Of course it does

    The thing is, the older you are, the more likely you are to be better at debating due to experience. With more experience with the outside world, in learning, doing, and talking, this helps with your talking skills, and your wisdom. Compare yourself to when you were 9 years to 14 years. Or 14 years to 20 years. You seem to understand a lot more than before.

  • Indeed it does

    Age does matter when it comes to debating. Why? Younger kids usually don't know of half the things older people are talking about. Politics are not for 10 year olds. Also, the more knowledge the better. The older the kid gets, the more common sense they gain. It's like asking "why are kids not allowed to vote"

    They simply don't understand what's at stake.

  • Age Does Matter

    Being able to debate is something anyone can do, but the question is asking about the skills of debating. Older people have more reasoning skills than younger people. Also, I believe the older you are, the more experienced you are in life. Therefore, you have retained more knowledge. Suck it!

  • Im 14 and feel i can compose a reasonable debate..

    I think it is just a case of intelligence, how much you read and your knowledge on issues today. I enjoy debating and feel I can debate as well as any adult. I need 50 words which is kinda annoying well im nearly there just a few more words and YEAH

  • Age no bar for debate

    Age is not important for debate .I think experience is very important while participating in debate,also knowledge is important at what level you can understand the topic that is very affects in debate have you heard news about IQ?.Yes exactly IQ is very important & different persons having different IQ

  • I'm 14 and i have strong opinions, do all middle age people?

    Age doesn't matter, research shows teenagers are better at calling people's bs and just because your older and yes more experienced doesn't necessarily mean you understand certain topics and know how to project your thoughts and argue your case. If you can debate well why shouldn't you challenge someone a lot older?

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