• Age does matter

    Because age brings you to your experiences, makes you matured enough in the "right age", and most of all if you're "matured" enough and if you have "morality" you will not "Love" someone who is "Older" or "Younger" than you, and to clear things out if you love someone you'll not let him or her suffer with abnormal child, and your child to lose mom or dad (bec. Of old age).

  • Love is Love

    I'm 16, my boyfriend of two years is 19. Nothing about him or our relationship is hurting me or anyone. I understand that there is a few laws under survey for this case. There is the fact I am under the legal age of consent and he is considered an adult, but who cares?

  • No... Because ano

    No ako kasi basta ganun yun oo tama ung no ang tatanga nyu kasing nag yes mamatay na kayung lahat sa kamay ni duterte i papa extra judicial killing ko kayo chief bato ronald dela rosa king ina nyu pagtripan nyu nalang joga ng mga gf nyu ulol yeah bibeh

  • Does age matter in relationships

    Yes because I think it is weird that people are a lot older than you and they need to be at least two or three years older or younger than you because they might be a lot older than you and you might get in trouble with the law for dating an old person and you don't want that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, you need to be able to handle the responsibility

    Age does matter because young people do not have the experience to make it through a relationship. Age brings experience and we can depend on that to help us make good decisions. Relationships depend on good decisions and for it to be successful we need to rely on those decisions.

  • Yes I do think that relationships matter in relationship because I dont think you should date someone 10 years older or younger than yourself.

    Some people can get charges on them if they think they can date a 13 year old when they are 32. I do not think you have love unless you have seriously known eachother all of your life. Everyone says they love someone so they say No it isnt a big deal with age in relationships. Some people dont even know what love is. If you kid was 13 and they went out and dated a 32 year old, what would you think??

  • Yes. I'm debating.

    I am debating about this topic in my school. And i am in the opposite side. At, first i agree that age doesn't matter. But after doing some researching i have found out that age difference should be taken to consideration. (based on health effects esp to child and etc)

  • Theoretically no, realistically it may prove problematic

    It all depends on the couple. On one hand, you could argue that so long as both people are over 16 they can do what they like. On the other, if a 50 year old man started a relationship with a teenage girl you have to wonder what they could possibly have in common. Also, if one partner is much older than the other, there's a chance they'll be domineering and make the younger partner feel inferior. It becomes less significant the older people get too; a 40 year old going out with a 50 year old wouldn't be particularly shocking, but a 16 year old going out with a 26 year old would.

  • Yes, people grow old.

    Yes, age matters in relationships, because if one person is much older than the other, they will grow old before the other wants to slow down. Also, at younger ages, a person is not mature enough to be in a relationship with a person who is very old. Age is an important factor when determining compatibility, because age can affect a relationship later on.

  • It Should Matter

    So it`s completely ok for a 15 year old to date a 50 year old.... So think it all the way out before you say its fine. I'm debating this in school and all the people are mad at me because I'M one of the only ones who believes that it should matter.

  • No I don't think age matters in a relationship

    So long as the people involved are of age, which I believe is anywhere from about 16 and up, their ages should not matter or determine whether they have a serious relationship or not. Some people more than 10 years apart, even 20 have had successful relationships and marriages, so it really doesn't matter like people may think. So long as the love, care, trust and commitment exists, the age doesn't mean a thing. So no I don't think age matters in a relationship, everything else matters a lot more.

  • Age doesn't matter

    Because I forget my age sometimes so there for it's not that important. What is the point of age anyways? To make people sad about how old they are? Or make them happy about how young they still are? Age shouldn't be a thing. Thank you for reading this. Bye.

  • Love is Blind - Including to Age

    Age is just a number as long as both parties are of consenting ages. I am a 43 year old woman and dating a 30 year old man. I didn't seek him out. We met, we talked, we developed over more than a year into what I'd now say is love. Not only does society judge dating outside our ages, but it also expects that we all age and develop at the same rate. Furthermore, it is expected that with age comes maturity, which isn't true. Maturity is something that develops after experiences we face in life; you don't just magically become mature on your 25th birthday. You can mature at a very young age, or maybe, you never truly mature. He and I are on the same page because we've both experienced many things. If you limit yourself to people within a couple years of your age, you may miss out on something truly amazing. AGE IS ONLY THE AMOUNT OF TIMES YOU'VE BEEN AROUND THE SUN.

  • It shouldn,t matter

    You can,t choose who you fall in love with.I,ve seen people who have a relationship with an older or younger person and they are just happy.Sacrifice and helping understand each other is the key.The problem of being with someone older is only in cases where there,s a really big difference between the ages,there could (or not) be problems.

  • 18 and my girlfriend is 23

    In my feeling, and is honestly just a number, I love my girlfriend and so far we have been tog ester 3-months and i feel that this is the love of my life. Obviously parents will not understand but in years to come, the age difference will not even matter and I am not all for defying your parents but if following my heart is hurting them they will just have to deal with it. It is your own life, follow your heart. Never change for no one. Just because my girlfriend is older does not mean she will boss me around, I have my own mind and love her unconditionally.

  • NO age is not important

    Age is just how many years you have live it doesn't matter , I'm kinda debating so yeah . Age don't matter at all , hell naw . You don't need to listen to people , listen to your heart . Don't let anything stops you . That is why

  • No it's not important

    It's not really important because if they really care and love each other it shouldn't really matter because my boyfriend is nine years older then my I met him when I was 13 and he was 21 I didn't really care it was just pretty awkward but now me and him are happily married with 4 kids I couldn't be happier with the man I decided to spend the rest of my life with.

  • No it doesn't

    It doesn't matter as long as you know for 100% that you are ready for a relationship and you also have to know if the other person is ready for a relationship and then if you are both 100% sure that you are fine with the age gap then it is their decision and you shouldn't judge them for that.

  • Age does not matter in relationships

    My parents are 21 years apart and they are happier than ever, they get along great and have proven to me that age doesnt matter. When i was like 9 i thought it was weird that my dad was so much older but now that im 16 its not weird at all my sister is 14 years apart from her boyfriend. I dont see what the big deal is, age really is just a number

  • Age is just a number

    Maturity comes with experience not with age. :) When you are in love you don't think what will people say to both of you, and specially you don't care about your ages, as long as you know how to handle your relationship and you love each other faithfully it will work and everything will just flow smoothly and will worth fighting for :)

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