• Of Course it Exists

    Enough with conspiracy theories. There are terrorists who hate the United States out there. That is a fact. Osama bin Laden has released plenty of videos on behalf of Al Qaeda and even claimed responsibility for 9/11. Do you just reject every theory and create your own conspiracies? If you say that Al Qaeda is fake, what do you think about The Shining Path that terrorized Peru for decades? Once its leader was caught in 1992, all of the activity stopped.

    All evidence points to Al Qaeda as a terrorist group impacting us and other western countries.

  • It's Militant Islam!!

    Saying al-Qaeda doesn't exist is like saying Militant Islam doesn't exist. It does. Militant muslims are all over the place, and I'm sure that they've formed a group. Idiots like to hang in packs so that they can reassure each other of their intelligence! Now that we've killed Osama bin Laden, it's quite clear that SOMEbody is recruiting these guys. In Africa, Asia, and the U.K., jackasses are buying into the beliefs of a single organization... Al-Qaeda.

  • It is sad that this question is even being asked

    During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam created the Afghan Services Bureau (MAK) in order to help raise support for the Mujahideen (people doing jihad). When the war ended, there was a schism in the organization. Ayman al-Zawahiri of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad wanted to use the MAK to wage a global Jihad, while Abdullah Azzam wanted to establish an Islamic government in Afghanistan. When Azzam and his 3 sons were assassinated in 1989, Osama Bin Laden absorbed MAK into Al-Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden sided with Ayman al-Zawahiri, and used Al-Qaeda to launch a global Jihad against non-Islamic countries. In 1998 al-Zawahiri merged the Egyptian Islamic Jihad into Al-Qaeda, and on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri waged war on the American people. In 2011, due to the intel obtained from water-boarding at club GITMO, a seal team reportedly shot and killed Osama Bin Laden. Upon Bin Laden's death, al-Zawahiri became the new leader of the organization.

    Posted by: DanT
  • Al Qaeda is a Legitimate Organization

    Al Qaeda does exist. I have read the answers already posted and most of them on the no side say that 9/11 was an inside job and the government created Muslims, but lets be practical! Al Qaeda was founded, by Osama Bin Ladin, in 1988, to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. At the time, they weren't even an enemy of the U.S until 1989 when they felt that the U.S was encroaching on their homeland. Recently they forced the closure of 21 U.S Embassies because the leader told a bomb maker in Yemen to carry out a plot. Now, any group would need leadership, and that news story is clear proof that a hierarchy exists within the group. I hope you understand that this group exists and all of these conspiracies are proven false

  • Al-Qaeda does, clearly.

    All of these arguments about they're a fabrication as an excuse, even if they're sound, still mean they exist.
    If I say I made a cake
    But actually my brother made this cake.
    There's still a cake, that, you know, exists.

    So whether it was a conspiracy or not, they exist.

  • Existence Of Al Qaeda

    Al Qaeda have been planning attacks on Western interests around the world. Al Qaeda knows that their fate is sealed so they went underground. In around 20 years al Qaeda will cease to exist or be eliminated. Although their legacy will still remain around and there is a possibly they will never cease to exist.

  • Al-Qaeda does exist


    These people claim to call themselves Al-Queda, as my enemy, I do them respect of calling them by the name they choose to, perhapes others should do the same.

    The evidence for Al-Queda existing long before terrorist attacks in the United States and the United Kingdom is prevlant and whether you agree with the execution of any war against them you must acknowedge thier existence and objectives before any judgement can be made as to how to address the challenges of political Islam.

  • I am currently doing research on Al-Qaeda and it does exist!

    Al-Qaeda came from the people, but as an organisation they are terrorrists and not supported by a big part of the Islam, therefor you cannot simply imply that they are the people of arabic countries. Originally Al-Qaeda was called MAK and was the resistance group made to oppose the Sojvet and the members where all doing defensive Jihad (the little jihad), therefore they where called Mujahiduns. If Al-Qaeda does not exist, then area 51 does not exist as well and niether do pentagon.

  • The Middle East Has Gangs Too

    Do the gangs in Chicago really exist? Well, I have to believe al Qaeda really does exist, after all we've only been hearing about them, for how many years now? I do not believe this is some lie to stir up the American public or the world for that matter. I would just refer to them as the gang in the middle east. Does that make it more real for you?

  • Al Qaeda are the people.

    It is fairly obvious. I have watched videos of British soldiers on tour in Afghan, and "Taliban" soldiers they have captured are merely local men, fighting to defend their homes and country. Al Qaeda are not an organisation, they are the people of their countries who don't like the western civilization. And these people that claim to be part of the group? They call themselves Al Qaeda just as we call ourselves British or American. The main aspects of Al Qaeda that people believe are just a blanket to cover the whole of the Islamic followers that will fight and die for their belief. Al Qaeda is basically Islam.

  • Al-Qaeda Never Formally Existed

    As acknowledged in the 2004 BBC documentary "The Power Of Nightmares", there is no evidence that a worldwide coordinated Islamist conspiracy ever existed. A monolithic organisation headed by a fiendish bogeyman (living in a Bond villain fortress as laughably asserted by Donald Rumsfeld) simplified the narrative conveniently for propaganda purposes, and provided a pretext for prosecution simply for (allegedly) being a member. To what extent Islamist violence would exist at all without Western/Israeli agents provocateurs is impossible to ascertain.

  • A common enemy summoned up to drum up hysteria and justify illegal warfare

    The pattern of US imperialism goes as follows: if you can't bankrupt the, corrupt them. If you can't corrupt them, topple them. The papers to sign allowing the invasion of Afghanistan were on Bush's desk days before 9/11...Al Qaeda provided the perfect symbol of evil and the perfect excuse for the invasion. In 1980, 0% of world Opium produced by Afghanistan. The figure in 2007? 93%...And who do you think profits from it? The CIA's own agents have admitted that AQ never really existed!

  • Al-Qaeda is a myth created in favor of US conservatives

    Al-Qaeda is a product of a development of several decades where US conservatives have been trying to find an enemy to fight. At first they found an enemy in form of the Soviet Union, where USA even allied with Islamists, who would later be the ones they accused of terrorism. By indulging fear of an all-evil enemy, the conservatives gained power, and "truths" were created by them as well as the CIA in order to convince the public that such an enemy indeed did exist. As time went by, those lies got accepted as the truth even by those who invented them in the first place. It doesn't mean that extreme Islamists didn't exist, because there were some with extreme beliefs, but Al-Qaeda as an organized terror-network were never likely to have existed. The idea of such an organisation is solely the product of fear and lies mixed with a few actual people, who did have extreme ideas and beliefs, but who were no real threat to USA or the rest of the world had it not been for the way they got portrayed and was used by politicians.

  • There is no global terror network name Al Qaeda

    America can topple governments in months but can't get rid of an organization made up of poor Muslims? I don't think so. The fact that the pursuit of this supposed organization furthers the west's agenda of military globalization, support for Israel, and depriving citizens of more and more liberties should make it painfully obvious that there is no such organization.

  • Al Qaeda does not exist as an organization just as the western media and Bush made it sound like

    Bush had the aim of eliminating "Al Qaeda" and end the destruction caused by that organization. However, the moment he declared the war on terror, he declared a war he could not simply win, especially due to the fact he treats his enemies differently from how they should be treated in actuality. Al Qaeda, he treats as an organization, a group whose leadership and its members must be exterminated so that the whole thing will collapse, just like how one should eliminate drug cartels, leaders and members should be eliminated, the entire organization, root and grass.

    However, Al Qaeda is not even an organization with assigned members that should be given fixed priorities. These were militants who mostly planned their own operations and looked to bin Laden for funding and assistance. He was not their commander. There is also no evidence that bin Laden used the term "al-Qaeda" to refer to the name of a group until after September 11 attacks, when he realized that this was the term the Americans had given it. There is no organization Bin laden lead a horde of extremist militias and individual terrorists who were simply acting "in behalf of Al Qaeda", not out of direct orders from some "central leadership". Al Qaeda is simply a group of people inspired by extreme ideas that continue to circulate this earth, Sunni Islamism and harsh treatment of those whom are perceived as "infidels", the western way of life which is the norm in today's world, which they see as the very reason why Islamic values are "corrupted" and why there is "evil" in this world.

    The war on terror has failed in the aspect of failing to prevent members from spawning out of the belief and idea. It focuses on elimination of the organizations that revolve around the whole idea of what Al Qaeda is and what it fights for. They do not focus on the elimination of the idea. They failed to safeguard minds from extremism by allowing an individual the freedom to know and adopt whatever idea that they are exposed to. So long as the idea exists, then extremists, shall continue to exist.

    People who define what Al Qaeda is, shall then, continue to exist.

  • They certainly do exist, but are they bad people?

    American Government and its media display Al-Queda as the bad quys in the whole situation of of the Afghan war. First off there is not enough valid evidence that Osama did truly organize the September 11 attack, there are always possiblities of extortion, bribing him to take responsiblity for an excuse to send people over there to take power of their country and exploit and imperialize their natural resources which we as Americans find as a necessity to keep our country going. Al Queda perhaps does exist but only right before the war imposed because they are protecting their country which we are invading with no right! Wouldn't we as Americans do the same for our country? Stop being so oblivious people.

  • Al qaeda is a term invented by the media and the western goverments to supress eastern views on politics and the world.

    There are indeed some religious fundamentalist terrorirst in Islam, but so there are in other religions too. That clearly doesn't justify their actions. But al qaeda is a term invented my the media and the western goverments in order to manipulate our views over the Eastern World as happened with the USSR and the cold war.

  • Western Common Enemy

    We all need a common enemy, and what appeals better to the West's intrinsic islamophobia than the title 'Al-Qaeda'? Remember when a red was under every bed? Or the Vietnamese? Even the Koreans spark fear. Etc.

    I guess we just like to point the finger, it feels good, doesn't it?

  • Extreme Islam exists but its not equal to the created term alQaeda

    To deny the existence of Osama would be pretty much like denying the Holocaust; however both topics (Osama/Holocaust) have been used/manipulated to advance particular/political agendas. The british documentarist Adam Curtis (BBC, The Power of Nightmares among many other films), proposes that alQaeda doesn't/didnt actually exist but it was created out of necessity since groups like the one commanded by Osama attacked the US and they needed/wanted to respond. He doesnt say 9/11 didnt happened or that it was done by Osama, rather proposes that there are several groups (extremists, islamists) but they are not interconnected into this super evil organization that coordinates global attacks. Just see what is happening right in Syria (today is 9th of Jan 2014). Two alQaeda groups are killing each other. This is not a fracture in the organization but rather more proof that there is no super evil organization. The general hatred coming from the MIddle East (particularly against the US) is a response (and Osama said this too) to the military presence. Also due to the westernization of their culture (see Sayd Qtub for this and his radical ideas, crazy fella but helps you understand a lot where all this started). Half of Latin America hates the US (if not more from a certain perspective) due to the support the US gave to dictatorial regimes or in some cases because the US itself put them there (Pinochet to mention one). Often I think that the only reason Latin America didnt raised in armed hatred towards the US is mainly becuase our faith is mostly Christian and tehrefore we are taught to "but the other cheek" rather than the more aggressive interpretations of the Koran.
    When the Sandinista movement did the Nicaraguan revolution, they were also put on an axis of evil along Iran and North Korea. Its always the same formula: to depict enemies as terrible monsters so the public swallows easily all the stupid concepts they want to makes us believe. Osama probably had a powerful group, after all they managed to do 9/11, but from that to what it has been described, that, THAT concept of alQaeda, in my opinion, doesn't exist. Its like a kid telling super extraordinary stories of his super hero dad. Sure maybe the guy is a good person and an excellent father, but that doesn't mean we believe every little fantasy from his kid. AlQaeda was the fantasy of some people, a lot of them Neocons but not exclusively and not only Americans. So the threat of armed extremist groups exist. What I doubt is that they behave as an organized entity under one umbrella and even less that Osama bin laden was the head of such a massive evil organization. Another interesting reaction was the Jihad movement (they have magazines, and before 9/11 quite a presence on the web, afterwards they went a bit underground). The official reaction of the Jihad movement to 9/11 was one of condemnation. That until the US started Afghanistan and Iraq.

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