• Rounded for sure!

    I stood next to Albert in 2004 and saw veins hanging from his arms in a way I've never seen on anyone before. It was unnatural to say the least! Where did he come from any way? We already know he lied about his age. He doesn't pass the eye test. We've all learned from experience if it's too good to be true it probably is. That's why his accolades have gotten little attention as he passes great players. Everyone knows the truth and so does MLB.

  • The Production Suggests It

    The decline since arriving in Los Angeles is breathtaking. His body type and numbers all point to the presence of PEDs. The way the rest of baseball reacts to him also suggests it. There is kind of a shoulder shrugging attitude as if to say, "Well, what do you expect since he is not in St. Louis and roiding anymore?"

  • His fking head is massive

    Lets be honest. He has been cheating for years. I dont trust anyone from s t l do you? Trash hole of MO. Never been there and never will go. The whole team is roided out. He probably took it over to the angles. I dont trust this rat. Period.

  • Just look at him then and now. Use your eyes and some common sense.

    Common sense says that he used for years and is not using now- at least not using to the same extent. If we all could be honest with ourselves and open our eyes, then most likely he used peds of some type. The problem is that we become fans and then put our heads in the sand- period.

  • Of course he has.

    I never seen an sport where the older you are the better you get. Are you going to tell me that you are better in sports when you are over 30 that in your 20s. It's ridiculous. Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, etc. Have used it. Pujols said that he never tested positive so are lots of guys that took suspensions.

  • Pujols decline is unprecedented

    Pujols annual walk totals since his superhuman peak in St. Louis in 2008 read like this: 115, 103, 61, 52, 40 and 48 . Has there been any other player, ever, whose free passes cratered after he established himself as the most fearsome hitter on the planet? Answer is NO.

  • Dont be blind

    It could not be more obvious that albert has used peds throughout the years. Outlandish numbers agains pitchers that also were on peds. He is not a machine just another guy getting away with cheating. Im a fan of pujols and the Cardinals i just refuse to be blind to the situation. St. Louis and the same manager jose conseco and big mac had made it easy to get away with.

  • Seems Like It

    It is impossible to say with any certainty whether any baseball player is using performance enhancing drugs, but Pujols seems to fit the bill. He put up other worldly numbers for his first ten years in the big leagues. But the last two years his body seems to be breaking down, a sign that he was using PEDs at the height of his career.

  • He is a roider

    Look Albert Pujols FORMER trainer has recently come out saying that he "shot" up Albert. Meaning he had put steroids into this dudes body. Now That was when he had a better Career with the Cards .Mr.Pujols got rid of his Trainer and staff from the Cards. This is why he struggling so bad. He is without PED's. You could say he hasn't showed positive yet. But people of Biogenesis have just come out saying that a couple players could pass the test while using PED's. This just helps my case. I think Pujols is a cheater

  • He never used steroids and never will

    He has never tested positive. The only reason people believe that is because he started playing ball around the steroid era. Also his strong performances result in people believing he used steroids. I don't know why people still accuse him of using steroids. He has passed every test he has taken.

  • No reason to think so

    He has given us no reason to think he does. And this is America - innocent until proven guilty!!! Whiny Cubs fans will claim he did. Since he has passed every test he's taken, one can safely assume that Pujols is a clean player that doesn't take PEDs. Of course, many people will still accuse him of PED use because of his strong performances.

  • Albert Pujols is right by Jesus

    Albert Pujols AKA "God's Favorite Baseball Player" was powered by nothing more than his love for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. A man whose faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior could not possible place any unholy substance that would violate Major League Baseball's performance enhancing drug policy for the Holy Scriptures themselves forbid their use. -Timothy 2:5 “An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.”- So we be the blessed children who have been able to bear witness to the Holy glow of Albert Pujols's greatness. May another man never try to defame Albert Pujols for if a man is foolish to question Albert Pujols pure and righteous talents that man will not only be judge by the one true God but may he be judge in the court of men for defamation. May I know mimic the great Albert Pujols and point to the sky and long our Heavenly Father for gifting us all Albert Pujols

  • He didn't take peds

    Who are you to say he took peds. He is probably the generation's face of baseball. If babe ruth played in our generation then we'd probably be having the same debate about HIM. Pujols has never tested positive. So he didn't take them. Just because Ruth hit hrs along time ago with out peds, doesn't mean some one else cant today

  • Probably did, but no

    His falling off the map is likely not coincidental, there's probably something to him ceasing to take a banned substance after landing another (and probably final) major contract. We can't say for sure, but the signs indicate he probably did in the past, and they indicate he probably no longer does.

  • Albert Pujols does not use PEDs.

    Albert Pujols does not use PEDs. If you accuse Albert Pujols of using physical enhancement drugs then he will sue you. In fact, he is suing a local New York disc jockey for implying that he takes any sort of drugs and he is willing to take a lie detector test to prove it.

  • No he does not

    No, I do not think that Albert Pujols has ever used PEDs. Instead, I think that he has gotten stronger by working harder and staying in shape, and watching what he eats and keeping a strong healthy diet. I think that he works out often and would never use PEDs to get ahead.

  • His Size Never Changed.

    Ever since Albert Pujols arrived to the major leagues, he has been the same size. At one time in the minor league or when he was younger, maybe then he could of used PED's. No one really has proof of that though. His number through the first 10 or 11 tears were very consistent. As about as consistent as you can get. His numbers are dropping off now but he is getting older and also been hurt the last couple of years. There is no evidence he has ever been on PED'S. He has never even been under suspicion in all these reports that have come out in the last 5 years.

  • Albert Pujols Doesn't Use PEDs

    Albert Pujols has never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and we shouldn't think otherwise. Since he has passed every test he's taken, one can safely assume that Pujols is a clean player that doesn't take PEDs. Of course, many people will still accuse him of PED use because of his strong performances.

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jahnee says2017-04-26T07:47:35.617
What was Albert Puljos cap size as a rookie. What is it now? If his head has gotten larger this is an indication of steroid use. This is medical fact. If it hasn't gotten larger then he's cleared. Just because his is muscular and an incredible performer doesn't mean he is a PED user. Why do so many of us seem to relish the idea of discovering that some one is a PED user? It's sad I think. I happen to agree with Canseco's take on it. Major league baseball turned a blind eye to the whole situation. They knew it was going on. Their silence constituted complicity. Then they turned around and start shaking their fingers in the players faces. They need to train their critical eye in the mirror. If any of us who are so quick to judge, were MLB baseball players you think we might have been tempted? I don't think PED's should be allowed in MLB. Except for it's use in rehabbing injuries. (Which I think it is). But we need to be a little more even handed. There was no rule against them when this whole scandal erupted. The legality of them was questionable. I don't know all of the facts on that. I do know that right now any citizen of the United States can have Anabolic Steroids prescribed by a medical doctor for various reasons. Most notably HGH used within longevity regimens. They are like other substances, if taken under a doctors supervision, assuring that safe dosages are used, for a safe length of time. Using them to enhance Athletic performance is fraught with dangers, because of the competitive urges that professional athletes possess, they are predisposed to over use. I think we should all step back and reevaluate. A lot of the public information we have about steroids comes in the form of fear mongering. We need to get the facts from unbiased sources, not from the demonizers and not the angelizers. The good the bad, the ugly the not so ugly. I wonder what we would learn? You might be surprised. TYVM JOHNNY