Does all private property truly belong to the government?

  • Of course they do

    If the government has the power to take your home away from you if you do not pay them property taxes, Then you truly do not own your home. Any entity with de jure or de facto power to take something from you is the true owner of the thing in question.

  • They shouldn’t but they act like it.

    The government taxes us on our land, Will not allow us to secede, And regulates how we may use our land. This is not Constitutional or moral in any way and is grounds for succession but it is happening. Ideally we would be able to do this without a fuss, But America has forgotten its roots and turned into the very thing it left.

  • Yes Eminent domain-property/Title for Privilege of vehicle

    With all major items, property, vehicles, the Government requires licensure, whereby if a procedure is not followed it can be impounded or even seized. The only things we truly own are the smaller items of which the Government is not interested in (unless you owe income tax). We don't really have rights to a property we have due process to defend our possession of it.

  • We may own the deed to use our land, but the government owns the land, unless we own the land patent.

    In America today people think they own their land, but unless they have the Land Patent on the land they may not own it. Most people today obtain "Real Estate" by contract and then on fulfillment of the contract they transfer control of land by "Warranty Deed".

    However, a "Warranty Deed" is merely a "color of title"; and, color of title can mean: “that which in appearance is title, but which in reality is no title”. Howth v. Farrar, C.C.A. Tex.; 94 F.2d 654, 658; McCoy v. Lowrie, 42 Wash. 2d 24, Black's Law Sixth Ed.

  • Logically, well...They would have to

    From what I understand, if our country is over 12 billion dollars in debt that would ultimately mean all property owned is technically in debt to other countries because we are a debted country. Yes your property is you're according to our government but I'm general the money is owed somehow. You cannot own something if our governments in debt. If a cou try were to go to war with us over money none of "our property" is actually ours

  • Yes the government owns private property

    The Jamaican government legislation " tabled in the House of Representatives, gives the authorities the power to sell the property of landowners who have failed to pay their property taxes for three consecutive years." This means the government can sell ones property for failure to pay property tax for three years.

    Retrieved from

  • Don't meet gov't desires and you will find out who owns your property

    I own my land. I bought my land. I have title to my land. The government decides it does not like the condition of my home that is on the property I own.
    You will find out in a hurry who actually owns your home.

    For example: a tree falls across my home. I decide I like the tree across my roof. It is MY home - NOT the government's home. However, should I NOT yield to the government's desires, the Government - by lethal force if desired, will take MY property from me.

    This happens every day. Look up the definition of fascism and you will understand you DO NOT have ANY property rights.

  • Yes, in general.

    The government does in general own all the property, and private property, regardless if that is actually fair or right. In most cases it is to preserve life of the forest, or general area. It helps keeps trees and animals alive and in their proper homes, which is something that is needed with our ever growing communities.

  • No that is called Communism

    In the United States we have a right to private property and there are many protections mean to keep the government from interfering with that. In fact if the government owned it, it would be private property. As such we have certain abilities to set our won rules for our own properties that would not be available to public property.

  • No, it does not.

    The government cannot ever truly own all private property. That would be wrong, and unfair. The land and property should belong to the person who has purchased it, got it through inheritance, or simply the nature. Nature is who truly owns all private property. We need to reserve our lands and protect the trees and wildlife.

  • No, and that should never be accepted .

    Even though the government thinks that they are entitled to every thing that we own, they do not own our private property. The right to private property is guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Anyone who even accepts this idea is out of their right mind and it is a disgrace that the government thinks they own our things.

  • It shouldn't, but the government acts like it does.

    I have a serious problem with the fact that the government forces me to pay them "rent" for my large property (cars, land, etc.) through a property tax. Just because I could afford my land/house/car several years ago does not mean that I can afford to keep paying an extra fee for the privilege of owning it year after year. The government did nothing to help produce the property, therefore they should have no right to charge me for owning it. They have other, more appropriate ways of collecting taxes that would not punish people for simply owning items.

    Besides, if private property truly belonged to the government, they wouldn't need warrants and probable cause to search private property.

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