Does allowing women the choice to have an abortion help to reduce or deter crime?

  • Yes, I think that allowing the woman to have the right to choose the abortion herself helps deter crime.

    I do think that allowing women to have the choice to get an abortion helps to deter crime, but I also think that they need to make it more affordable for lower income people that don't have the means to care for a baby. If they are forced to have the baby, because they do not have the financial means to have the procedure, this doesn't help them. They also need to make it easier to drop babies off at shelters, with no criminal charges.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • Allowing women the right to choose reduces illegal abortions by doctors trying to help women, which reduces crime.

    When abortion is illegal it is a crime to help a woman abort a baby. These crimes are basically eliminated when women have the right to choose to have an abortion. Doctors can then legally help women without fear of legal reprisal. It also removes the possibility of the woman being charged with a crime.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • Yes, because if abortion was illegal it would not stop many women from pursuing an abortion anyway, thus forcing them to break the law.

    There are many who view abortion as their only way out; it would not stop their attempts if abortion were made illegal. Also there are people who agree with those women and would help perform the service for them, even if it was illegal. Even if abortion was stopped, many such parents who consider such an act feel that they cannot take care of a child properly. This could mean a very hard life for the child, either in an orphanage or a loveless home. It has been proved that children raised in such conditions have a much higher chance of turning to crime.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Yes, probably, although its effect on the crime rate is not the best way to think about either abortion or crime. But the sub-standard care that an unwanted child might receive could lead to a person subject to criminal behavior later.

    Parents who have children that they are not financially able to care for, do not wish to care for, or both, and who nonetheless bear the children, may treat their offspring abusively or neglectfully. Or, falling short of the legal standards for these offenses, the parents may be less than supportive, unreliable caretakers, even granting them generally benign intentions. Such situations are clearly more likely incubators of delinquency and crime. This is not an argument for abortion, exactly. There are other options besides counseling abortion that we could and should pursue to care for children in distress. And there are other ways to address crime, and to support struggling parents. But the risks that attend inadequate parenting underscore the highly personal nature of the abortion, childbirth, and parenting decisions, and should remind us to respect a woman's freedom to decide what is best for them as people and potential mothers.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • Yes, because unwanted/poor babies are more likely to grow up criminals.

    Most abortions are performed on poor women, who can't afford another mouth to feed. If they don't get an abortion, their child will grow up in poor environment and turn to crime. The song "In the Ghetto" reflects this self-repeating criminal lifestyle.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyCorr
  • Having multiple children causes financial set backs which can lead to crime.

    Some people have children they cannot afford, and it leads to them doing desperate things. You hear about it everyday. A few months back, a man learned he was losing his house, then a few weeks later lost his job. He waited till his family fell asleep, filled his gun with bullets, shot them all, before shooting himself. He left a note behind stating he could not afford them anymore, and refused to be a burden of the state.

    Posted by: 5c0rpi0nHam
  • Allowing women the choice to have an abortion does help reduce or deter crime.

    It is sad but true that allowing women to have abortions reduces crime. Besides the fact that if abortion was illegal there would still be women who would do it which would raise crime and therefore allowing it reduces crime. There are women out there who should just not be mothers. Biologically they can be but emotionally they cannot. I am talking about the ones who have children and then do not care for them. These children run wild through neighborhoods and towns without any type of knowledge of what is right or wrong. The mothers do not know or care where they are and have not readied them to be good citizens. Children who have never had the love and affection a mother should give. Unfortunately without a good upbringing most of these children will end up criminals or dead. So with this in mind I can say that if these women, who do not care for their children, had an abortion before the child was born then crime would be reduced.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • An unwanted child can be the object of abuse and neglect, both of which are crimes that ultimately can affect society.

    A unwanted child, whether subjected to substandard living because of the inability of the parents to provide support or mistreatment, suffers daily. The physical effect can be broken bones and other health issues that victim will carry for a lifetime. The psychological effect of such treatment produces at the minimum an individual who has dysfunctions. Some dysfunctions are definitely criminal or lead to behaviors that can spawn criminal acts, such as alcoholism which can result in drunken driving and bar room brawls. Many pedophiles were sexually abused as children indicating a connection between their treatment and how they developed. A study by Galynker and Cohen says that 60 percent of pedophiles they studied were abused as children. A secondary issue exists. If abortion is definitely desired, for whatever reason, the woman will achieve it--often at the risk of her own life with services from a back street abortionist. Legalizing abortion prevents this.

    Posted by: M Phelps 46
  • Yes, if we make abortion legal women would be able to have a safe abortion process.

    The poor misfortunate women who can not afford an abortion have to result into getting a back alley abortion which usually ends up in deaths of the women or a having seriously health risk. Keeping abortion illegal is not following our freedoms that we the people all have.

  • Statistics Show the Opposite Happens

    The whole idea behind this theory is that if you kill the people who are at high risk to become criminals (unwanted children) then they can't grow up to commit crimes. The poor are targeted for this purpose. Leaving alone that this is punishing all unwanted children for something they might never do, the stats don't back this up.

    After abortion became legal here in the US, unwanted pregnancies grew at such a rate that even the ones that did choose to abort didn't stop the number of live births from going up. It might not have been because of abortion becoming legal, but because of the attitudes towards sex changing; but the number of unplanned births did rise as did the number of single mothers. Since the mothers had a right to choose, the fathers felt the same. They no longer felt the same obligation to marry the woman and looked at it as her choosing to be a single mother, not as her choosing life over death.

    We have many studies that show crime rates rise when the children don't have the support of two parents. They don't get all of their needs met because one person simply isn't two, and single mothers are often poor. Once again, with one person simply not being two, single parent homes can't have two full-time working adults in our economy that is increasingly demanding that to be the only way anyone can earn a living wage.

    There was a book written that showed a correlation between the years after all abortions became legal (as oppose to prior to Roe vs. Wade when only health related abortions were legal) and a drop in the crime rate from 1991 on. But they didn't look close enough nor separate the people committing crimes by their ages (they say they do, but they don't ever link to the research that says that; where the articles that state the opposite do link to their sources) . . . The drop in crime came from the people born prior to Roe vs. Wade not from the people born after it. And the writers of that book didn't bother to look for patterns from other countries, which all show a rise in crime around eighteen years after the legalization of abortion.

    There is no argument that the quality of life does have an effect on the levels of crime, but abortions seems to change the attitudes of the population as a whole to cause more single parent homes and a lesser quality of life. Abortion isn't showing an improvement of anyone's quality of life.

    If a reduction in crime is the goal, than improving the quality of life for the poor (and everyone—not only the poor commit crimes) is the obvious answer.

    Having treatment available for both girls AND boys who are abused (especially sexually as boys are often ignored on this issue), and an educational system that actually works will insure a greater reduction in crime.

  • Don't abort children

    Aborting children is just like murder! You're just murdering a helpless, defenseless unborn child. Why do it, when you could spare the child's life and give it to adoption? I don't agree with giving away your children either, but hey, it's better than killing them! Spare the lives of innocent children.

  • @TMacias, so if we made all the illegal laws in America legal, than there wouldn't be any order

    It doesn't have any correlation with the real crimes that are happening in America, like gun violence, robbery, rape, all that stuff has nothing to do with aborting an unborn child, whoever made that claim is either a loon or a troll, making an illegal law legal doesn't make the country any safer.

  • I don't think a woman's right to choose has anything to do with crime rates.

    A woman is owner of her own body, and she has the right to choose what goes on with her body. If this debate insinuates that men will commit rape more often because a woman can just abort any unwanted pregnancies, it is just searching for an excuse to deny her a choice. Rapists will rape regardless of the abortion laws.

    Posted by: babykoi3
  • I think both of these issues are totally unrelated.

    Women having a choice to have an abortion or not has no link, whatsoever, to crime. Crime is independent of abortion. Women being able to abort their unborn babies does not mean that someone will go shoot another person, or that a bank will be robbed, for each baby killed.

    Posted by: BashfulEmil60
  • Women having abortions has no effect, whatsoever, on the crime rate.

    There is no reason to believe that allowing women to have abortions would increase the crime rate. If anything, that is one less person that is going to be brought into the world. That person would be capable of anything, including murder and rape. Just based on the laws of probability, one less person would result in less possible criminals.

    Posted by: RegularHarland29
  • No, because abortion choice isn't about crime.

    Studies claiming to show that allowing women to choose abortion has some effect on crime rates are irrelevant to the issue of choice. If crime is higher in some regions, or amongst some groups, it should be addressed as a crime problem. In addition, one should be dubious about studies claiming to predict the behavior of populations of people 15-30 years in advance. Tremendous shifts and changes can occur over a time period of that length, so the studies must either assume the current conditions remain unchanged, or the studies must predict a future set of conditions. Neither the assumption, nor the prediction, are likely to be accurate enough for the study results to remain valid.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • I do not feel that allowing women the choice to have an abortion helps to deter crime, because I feel that they are not related.

    I do not understand how allowing a woman to have a choice to have an abortion could have anything to do with helping to reduce or deter crime, because they are not related. A woman has the choice to give her child up for adoption, if she does not feel that she could take care of it properly. So, crime has nothing to do with choosing to get an abortion, since she has other options.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No, absolutely not, because the two are completely unrelated.

    The crime rate and abortion rate are not even remotely connected. What is connected to the crime rate, however, is people not being able to raise their children right. Parents should instill a better moral system into their children, and then the crime rate would drop. If your child does something wrong, then they should be punished. And thanks to liberal idiots, that's not possible nowadays.

    Posted by: deceitfulx
  • Women denied abortions will get them illegally, therefore denying them will cause more crime.

    Women denied Abortions will find ways if they are desperate enough; this is not anything new, it's always happened. The only thing is that once it's illegal, it becomes something controlled by illegal elements. At it's best, it's a kind old woman in her basement trying to help -but she's now a criminal so it increases crime. At it's worst, it's controlled by the same people who control drugs and used to fund their illegal activities. Allowing it to be legalized controls who sees the money made in this way.

    Posted by: DuaneAir

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