Does alternative medicine pose a threat to public health?

  • It's a scam

    Alternative medicine often targets superstition. It explains itself by postulating that invisible and unmeasurable (by science) threats cause symptoms. In cases where people have psychological issues, it might be very convincing when an alternative medicine treatment seems to work, but this can easily be explained by the placebo effect. When people actually have a disease or infection, alternative medicine can actually give people a false sense of security, and it might be too late to seek actual medical treatment when the patient finally understands they're not improving at all.

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  • Yes, Unscrupulous Companies Sell Dangerous Products

    Scientific analysis has shown that many of the herbal products on the
    American market contain none of the herbs the label promises. The
    expensive jars are full of dried weeds, most ineffectual but some actually
    harmful. People who put their faith in these cheating concoctions may avoid
    visits to real doctors who could actually help them. For some, alternative
    medicine can be deadly.

  • It DOES - "Alternative" medicine is in NO way ALTERNATIVE!

    Let me first say, I have a debate on this topic and well, my research has helped me evaluate that alternative medicine does pose a threat to public health. There are several reasons. Firstly, alternative medicine is very ineffective seeing it has more side effects than any benefits. Actually, I have noticed that there are many cases online where people have claimed that alternative medicine has helped them yet they forget to mention that they ALSO use mainstream medicine. In fact, research in the US (I am not from US, just for your information) has shown that only 4.4% of people who rely on alternative medicine rely on it exclusively. More than half, in my opinion, are not true as they most probably were written to attract people to alternative medicines. I just had another thought: Just imagine, how would alternative medicine recovery cases compare to the countless number of recoveries from mainstream medicine? To add on, alternative medicine practitioners are more interested in money than public health. Moreover, there are terrible side effects, problems, misconceptions and false hope associated with alternative medicine. And, there are hardly any boundaries or proper guidelines or legislation for alternative medicines that just open doors for people to commit fraud and deceive others. Plus, it is not scientifically proven so we must not try the "it cannot be harmful, can it?" approach but rely on what is actually tested. So, I must conclude that I strongly believe that alternative medicine poses a threat to public health. Believe me, I did weigh the arguments of the other side with mine, and it seems true that alternative medicine is not the best choice!

  • It delays proper care.

    If a stage I cancer patient decides to use alternative medicine, the condition can very well worsen and the cancer can progress to a stage where it can become more threatening to his/her life. The saturation of alternative medicine can then make it difficult for patients to make time sensitive decisions that can very well cost them their lives.

  • yes of course

    Alternative medicine deal with herbals which has no exact mechanism of work, in addition may differ in work from body to another.Moreover, people may think that natural and herbal drugs has no side effects, on the contrary their is no drug has pharmacological effect and don't has side effect.

  • Not when practiced responsibly.

    Alternative medicine does not pose a threat to public health when it is exactly that, an alternative. When people start seeking out unproven alternative cures for things that mainstream medicine has handled quite well for a long time, then it starts becoming a health hazard. When those conditions are contagious and/or otherwise dangerous, then it is definitely a problem, and people should be encouraged to seek out a proven cure.

  • Alternative Medicine Provides Choices for Therapy

    When mainstream medicine doesn't work, alternative therapies are necessary to help Americans get better. Whether it involves holistic healing, yoga or acupuncture, licensed therapists can help people heal with the use of alternative medicine. The FDA doesn't regulate herbs and supplements, but there is plenty of information and research available over the Internet for patients to access regarding alternative medicine to help ease the pain and suffering of a large populace.

  • No I don't think alternative medicine poses a threat to public health

    In fact, I think alternative medicine is more beneficial to public health than mainstream is, and far less dangerous at that. Quite frankly, given its' track record, I think mainstream medicine has shown itself over the years to be much more a risk to public health and safety than alternative ever has. Just look at all the side effects, illnesses, and sometimes even deaths that have happened as the result of prescription drug use to see an example of that. The only reason alternative medicine is believed to be such a threat is because the media, and the big phramaceutical companies have gone out of their way to smear it and demonize it so that people will stay reliant on them rather than go elsewhere for their health needs.

    So no I don't believe at all alternative medicine poses a threat to public health, as in point of fact it is very often safer than any mainstream one is.

  • No, alternative medicine is often useful in many cases

    I do not believe that alternative medicine poses a threat to public health. In fact, there are a number of alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture, which can be extremely efficient treatments for various ailments. No one is forced to seek alternative medicine, but it should remain readily available to those who wish to consider it.

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