• Trump will do a great job.

    Trump has promised numerous things that will benefit our country. In fact, he did a lot of things as president-elect. I hear these things like "Donald Trump is racist" or "sexist" but Trump really says things like "we need a wall" because these illegal immigrants come from there. A lot of them spread crime throughout the world.

  • Good policies in future

    Sure America deserve Donald Trump. He is practical and straight forward. He has got many development policies in america.He is gonna sign many development deals with other countries specially with India.He don't have much political experience but he is gonna do something good. He has donated lot of money for charity specially for cancer patients in America.

  • Americans DESERVE Trump

    I don't know if he will end up being a good president or if not, nor do I care. However I do very much agree that we deserve to deal with the consequences that come from his presidency, either good, or bad. I am going to enjoy these next few years.

  • Trump is a big business man

    Trump is a supportive of big business and thinks giving more money to big business with help our economy. This will not help the people who are below poverity line. It will make big business owners more weathly and powerful and cause normal working citizens to give moeny to these business owners. The Top 2% just got more money and power do to trump.

  • We Honest Have no Idea

    Trump may not bluntly say he's a racist nor sexist, however he has hinted towards his true values with the audio with him in the party truck as well as claiming that all the illegal immigrants are rapist and criminals (which Immigrants of all cultures tend to be less likely to be criminals than actual natives of the country.)

  • He is a racist

    Do you really want your children to admire Trump? He promotes racism and he is sexist. Do you want the face of America to represent that? He wants to build a wall and he is being disrespectful towards women. Im really disappointed in you America for choosing a SEXIST a RACIST to represent your countryl

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