• Yes it does exist.

    Ok boomer. I diagnose you stuck living in America 1960s. This is America 2000+. The horse was replaced by the car. The sewing by hand was replaced sewing machine.
    America will change because things are changing.
    I do not see you lamenting that we do use kerosene stoves anymore. No we have propane and gas and electricity.
    Your dad was not crying that he got to buy a car and a modern home.

    The only crying people lamenting the old ways are boomers. They hate that have to treat others people with dignity. They are crying because they cannot segregate or be sexist men grabbing girls and getting away with it. If you want to go grab girls then go and pay for it.
    The america of the past does not exist. This is the america of now!
    Get in line boomer your legacy is nothing people miss. Your dad was a bigger man than you ever were. Boomers did nothing exist make video games and cell phones.

  • No, But I saw it die

    I suggest the opening montage of WATCHMEN. You see the bit where they ape the scene from The Summer of Love (1967), And instead of standing there, Frozen in indecision like the weak-minded morons they were, The troops open up and (unseen, But the point is made), They gun down all the flower children?

    Well. That was just a movie, Of course. But because it didn't happen, America died. If the counterculture had been napalmed instead of the Vietnamese, This country would still exist. I'd add, Most reading this, Would not. Which, Is another reason 'why' America would live on. Millennials are made of poison, But your parents were, Too, And theirs'.

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