• Of course my country does!

    America is my favorite country, yet this is one of the most unacceptable and unethical issues in America! In the past year, more than 31,000 innocents were killed by guns in the US, where in Britain, only around 50 have been killed by crime, thanks to assault rifle bans. Why do you need an assault rifle to defend yourself? It's easy access to guns increases the death toll of gun crimes! I get that criminals can still get the guns, yet is loosening gun laws going to reduce the death toll? HECK NO! And I have heard Republicans say that if teachers had guns at Sandy Hook, they could shoot the criminal down. Yet would the teachers want to leave their students exposed to gunfire while they ran to get their gun? Besides, then your not dealing with just firing, but CROSSFIRE!, which is twice as deadly as regular firing. Guns were created to kill and only kill! This country has a terrible problem with guns!

  • Yes

    Why? Guns are weapons to protect us? Nope. I think the word weapon means something that can kill. Weapons are not even needed. What about for wars? Why would there even be a war in the first place. We do have a gun problem. Admit it people. Just Admit it. We have a gun problem.

  • Without question

    The "are you going to ban all household chemicals and duct tape" argument is the argument of a moron, household chemicals and duct tape aren't specifically created to kill things. The fact that arguments like that are used is all that is needed to prove how screwed the culture in this country is. It's a horrendous analogy, anybody with two brain cells to rub together, but it gets used anyway because gun nuts are that defiant that all the tragedies guns cause are worth being able to own one.

  • 100% yes

    Our country's most powerful lobby is the NRA. That alone speaks volumes about the culture of our country. Guns have become a near daily part of our media culture, with video games and television shows showcasing guns and gun violence. People owning 20+ guns in the name of "home defense" or owning automatic weapons for "hunting" indicates a problem. With entire shows, like "sons of guns," and magazines devoted purely to guns, our country does indeed have a gun culture - and because of it, we have problems like Sandy Hook.

  • Uk resident yeah

    So glad I live in a country with a very strict gun law,
    I think in America the gun law is so well engrained in American
    culture, There is no way to turn back
    defending yourself with a gun wtf,
    put the wall around the whole of the US,
    let them get on with it you bunch of dim wits
    Praise the lord f-----g dicks lol

  • Why are the Psychos getting the guns

    Why are the goverment not restricting who gets guns and where they can get them. This is the real problem not the guns it's the people who use them. If they didn't have them they could do a hell of a lot of less damage to schools and kids. That's the problem

  • Just look at mass shootings

    All of this recent violence has been because of unrestricted gun culture. The United States has had the most problems with guns as a developed country. It has more homicides than any other developed nation by far. It has had around 273 mass shootings in 2017 alone. This is madness.

  • Yes we do

    The argument is always " guns don't kill people people kill people" That is the dumbest argument ever. And your point is? Yes of course it people at the end of the gun... In our culture, guns are glorified...So lets stop glorifiying guns by frowning apon them...Lets set a new standard and do our culture a favor.. Lets set good exmples on the young and influenced.. And for people who dont think its there responsibility, stop being so selfish... It is absolutely our responsibility to care for each other on this earth... Even if it means ammending the 2nd ammendment

  • Yes we do

    The argument is always " guns don't kill people people kill people" That is the dumbest argument ever. And your point is? Yes of course it people at the end of the gun... In our culture, guns are glorified...So lets stop glorifiying guns by frowning apon them...Lets set a new standard and do our culture a favor.. Lets set good exmples on the young and influenced.. And for people who dont think its there responsibility, stop being so selfish... It is absolutely our responsibility to care for each other on this earth... Even if it means ammending the 2nd ammendment

  • Absolutely we do

    The argument is.. Guns dont kill people people kill people...That is not a valid argument...People own guns.. Duh!!!! Some spoil it for the others... What is wrong with people... I am willing to give up gun rights to save people...People are forgetting why we r put on this earth.. Love uour neighbor as yourself

  • Absolutely not a Problem

    Gun culture is not based on fear but a value of life, a sense of personal responsibility and self reliance, and value of history and education. This idea that somehow as a society we have outgrown a need for Self Defense is so contrary to reality it is difficult for Pro-Gun people to take Anti-Gun people seriously. Anti-Gun people commonly try to project their own fears onto the gun community with little to no gun knowledge. Or worse yet, incorrect or misrepresented information. Why would you ask a Police Officer to do something to protect your life that you yourself are not willing to do?

    Guns were made for killing huh? If you were a gun owner you would realize the defensive mindset is to stop the threat. The agressor may or may not be killed but that is not necessarly the goal. The goal is to stop the threat as fast as possible to minimize what the agressor ia able to accomplish. The agressor has made the decision and brought the response upon themself. You can call a gun a weapon or a tool but ultimately the minset of the owner and how they use it determines which it is.

    The point of bringing up the fact that people have other means at their desposal to kill large numbers of people was not to suggest the chemicals should be banned but that as cleaning products have their uses, so do guns. And neither should be banned. Yes guns were designed to kill, but that is not a bad thing if someone is in turn trying to kill me. And even if you disagree that is fine, but let me make that choice for myself. Because it is my life and the life of those close to me that decision affects.

    If we have a problem at all it is the Anti-Gun Culture. We use to teach gun safety in schools. People use to display their firearms in clas cabnets or in racks they had in their truck. Young kids use to hunt to feed the family. Did we have the problem with mass shootings then as we do today? To even suggest educating kids or having armed school resourse officers able to respond gets Anti-Gunners panties in a wad. They keep wanting more Gun Free Zones, more limits, more checks, and every time this happens in the best utopias they have managed to make, they wonder why and blame Pro-Gunners. How about blame the shooter? Or better yet, how about take personal responsibility and shoot the mass shooter as quickly as possible? You talk of cross fire being more deadly than a lone unopposed gunman mythodically exicuting defensless kids as if that makes sense. Really?

  • Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People.

    Many believe guns soul purpose is to kill humans. Those who agree are wrong. Guns are an important part of america because of the sporting and protection aspect. Since the days guns started facing these bans we started seeing issues of shootings, wanna know why? Its because the criminals don't follow the laws that are put in place. These laws only limit the law abiding citizens who use them for good. It has been shown time and time again that areas who restrict guns, are the places where gun violence increases. Criminals are more prone to attack area's that they know people are defenseless. As for the AR-15 and "Assault Weapons", of which most citizens can't obtain. Semi-automatic weapons are obtainable, however are not these horrible evil weapons that some claim they are. The main argument made is that they can shoot hundreds of rounds a minute. This is true, but anyone who has fired one will know that it is not realistically useable at this rate. These weapons have much less accuracy. Now to talk about the 2nd amendment, the second amendment guarantees the right to own and operate any firearm. At the time, we the people were the militia and were granted the right to protect our freedom from tyranny.

  • No

    The people that support magazine caps and banning "assault rifles," (if you knew what you were asking for a ban on you would know that you are not banning assault rifles, they've already essentially been banned) are complicit in the destruction of our nation/constitution. Yes, our forefathers only had muskets, but guess what? So did everyone else... It was the most advanced weapon at the time. I am thoroughly convinced that had they seen today's weapons their decision to include the second amendment would have remained unchanged. The second amendment was put in place for 3 reasons. 1) Defense of self 2)Defense of Country and 3) Defense against Tyrannical Government (including our own). You may not think semi-auto rifles are practical for self-defense, but I KNOW that they are under certain circumstances. You may not think it possible but armies are defeated... What happens if our army is defeated in battle and the offending nation attacks our country? You may have utter faith in your government but our founding fathers had reservations about putting 100% faith in our own army to always represent the peoples interests... Ever heard of a military coupe? The gun culture of this country is a living breathing organism in which the right to bear arms is paramount to any other in the constitution. Why? Because it insures that the others remain; it is the foundation of our country. I can guarantee, without a doubt, that if you ban such magazines/weapons it WILL NOT stop mass murders... Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in OKC in 1995, not a single bullet fired. You are assuming that bad guys play by the rules. The only thing you accomplish by banning such items is to restrict law abiding citizens from obtaining another means of self defense; and the erosion of the rights for which our forefathers fought and died to establish. If you want gun legislation that everyone would support I would suggest crafting something which forces mental institutions to create a national database for use in background screenings for gun purchases.

  • Nope

    Guns (like money) are amoral. That means they don't care who uses them. Good people, bad people, and people in between. The right to bear arms in this country is a right given to us by people who understood the danger of the government dictating who can and cannot get weapons. Yes it is tragic that people will use this right for harm. But gun culture problem don't think so. If there is a ban on guns, how can the average person (who under the ban can't own a gun) defend themselves if they are attacked with a gun. The bad guys will still get guns and there's nothing we can do about it except defend ourselves from them.

  • Not a Problem

    Yes, America may have a gun culture, but it is not a problem. America has always had guns because we have always had the right, and the duty to protect ourselves. Some people are just violent or insane. Guns are not what causes this! If people want to kill other people, they could do it with poisonous gas, or a bomb. Are you going to ban all household chemicals and duct tape? Just ask our troops overseas how deadly these home made devices can be. Don't blame the guns for the problems we have, blame the people!

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