• As an American, Yes, More so than any other 1st World Country

    In the US, Sport is Regarded with a lot more Prestige than in Europe or Eastern Asia, This is demonstrated by going into a US High School and seeing the Glorification of Student Athletes, Such as by prominently showing them in comparison with those who Achieve Academically. This isn’t like in For example Germany, Where you will see things like an Ad for Deutsche Bahn with a Gay Footballer/Soccer Player to show support for LGBT Rights, As it runs a lot deeper, With people revering athletes and showing disdain for intellectuals, As well as Universities offering scholarships for Athletes, And Athletes getting away with virtually anything that isn’t a felony. So, I’d Argue, Yes, To such an extent that this Country has been Dumbed down by it and to the point where athletes are held to God Like Statuses while Intellectuals are Treated like Satan himself.

  • I can think of nothing that says insanity like being an obsessed walking billboard for a team of strangers who don't even know you...

    I grew up in a heavy sports town, and found it disturbing the way people would behave over something as innocuous as a team's win or loss. Players are incredible athletes, but they play for the love of the sport and contracts, not for your town. The boozing, yelling, cheering on degenerate wife beaters, and obsessiveness seems unhealthy and also stupid.

  • Absolutely positively ridiculous!!!

    I work at a sports bar where the football season is the life line of the year and although I enjoy when our team does well, I cant understand why people let the win or loss of the team they are supporting dictate whether or not they have enough money to tip. These men and the women that tag along (so they can at least spend a little time with their men) are completely engrossed and obsessed. They act as if what ever the outcome of the game is some kind of reflection on them as a jersey wearing MEMBER of this team. I have heard people say things like "I hate the seahawks" " I love the 49ers" How can you use the word Hate to describe how you feel about a group of men who in reality were chosen to represent a city? They had little to say about where they were placed and if they get traded or not. We have more important things to worry about as a nation. This whole empire is a distraction from the things that we should really care about. Dont even get me started on valentines day!!

  • Yes, it is unhealthy. There are too many negatives to overcome the positives.

    We are so busy watching someone on a screen and throwing our money away at something that may or may not be rigged. The total profit from all of our bets on one major game and the money the NFL makes just from viewers could be spent on something way more applicable and important. Schools, programs to get fit and eat right, or ways to improve the stability of our economy. If there's one thing we Americans as a whole are good at, that's putting in money and effort into silly, irrelevant entertainment. It's great to love and support a team, but when that costs you more than you can afford and you haven't even moved from your couch, it's unhealthy. Sports are awesome to watch and a fantastic way to learn team skills. Your know your team spirit is too high when you put another man in his grave before it's dug due to the jersey he's wearing.

  • No, there is nothing unhealthy about it

    America has numerous unhealthy obsessions, but I don't think the obsession with sport is one of them. For a country that has such a high obesity rate, valuing things like athletic ability and physical prowess is probably a good thing. The fact that we value sport encourages our children to participate in it.

  • Unhealthy obsession with sport

    I think that people think we have an unhealthy obsession with sport but we do not it is just a part of our lives and that will never change it is a thing that keeps our minds off of the stress of our very own work life and issues in family

  • No, I don't think Americans have an unhealthy obsession with sports.

    I believe many Americans view sports as an escape from their regular lives, most people just enjoy relaxing and watching a game on television after a long day of work. I believe there are some people that go overboard and dedicate their entire life to sports and that is unhealthy but for the vast majority of Americans I say it's more then ok to watch sports.

  • SSPORTS are Very absessive, So of course, Amercia has an unhellthy absession with sports

    BeCause sports arr absessive, Amercia has a clear absession. The sevin dedly sins arr lust, Glutony, Wrat, Greed, Pride, Sloth, And sports. Satan stards with the leter "s" and so does sodomy, And so does sports. This meens sports are bad, And this meens it is also unhellthy. Therefor, Sports arr an unhellthy four Amercia. Four god's sake, Pleese excoose my spelling cause I am non native speeker.

  • It's All About Money

    I do not believe the average American has an unhealthy obsession with sport. We do have a lot of professional sports and leagues, but I think they are more popular because of their commercialization of the sports and the money they bring in. The truth is, is that Americans are obsessed with money, and apparently we have some people who have figured out how to really cash in on sports.

  • NOt at all

    No, there is not a thing wrong with loving sports. I think that it is good to get behind a team and want them to win, and that it is good to play sports so that you are a lot more healthy as you get older, we are doing right.

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