Does America have the best healthcare in the world?

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  • No, a far cry from it.

    Long from best, I would put it as one of the worst. If they actually manage to make illegal abortion, it will be the absolute worst ever. The health care system is broken. We could heal lots of diseases with drugs and medication at our fingertips but everyone is more interested in making money with insurance and shoving pills down everyone's throat and not actually interested in helping the sick.

  • Far From It

    America does not have the best healthcare in the world. We have great facilities, but our system has huge flaw and many of our citizens are not satisfied with it. For one, we pay much more than other countries do for healthcare services. We have a long way to go.

  • Our health care system as a whole is one giant mess.

    I don't think anyone could seriously argue that the United States of America has the best health care in the world. Frankly, our health care system as a whole is one giant mess. Costs are astronomical, and insurance companies provide shoddy coverage for a very high price. We are far from the best.

  • No, it doesn't

    America can't even agree on if everybody deserves it or not. One side wants everybody to have every method of healthcare under the sun, the other side thinks if there's a procedure you can't afford then you deserve to not get it and die for being a poor person. America can't have the best healthcare in the world until something rational is agreed on and hospitals don't get away for charging $30 for the paper cup a pill is put in when you stay at one.

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